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Simply Healthy Radio - 04/24/2008 - NAMI and ADAMH - health care services in Central Ohio

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Simply Healthy Radio host Kris Keller interviews Stephanie Patrick, Clinical Director of ADAMH and Julie Furj, Executive Director of NAMI Columbus.  ADAMH is the Alcohol Drug And Mental Health Board of Franklin County.  NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Health.  Julie and Stephanie discuss their organizations and the mental health resources available in Central Ohio.

For more Information on NAMI and ADAMH got to the following web sites.



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Simply Healthy Radio - 3/27/2008 - Patrice Rancour -end of life

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Host, Kris Kellr interviews psychiatric nurse specialist Patrice Rancour, RN, MS about her speciality, end-of-life issues.

Pamoja FM April 1st 2009

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ft. Mali's Amadou & Mariam w/ Sabali

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Organize CBus Collective - ThirdHandBicycleCoop

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Michael Edmiston at Broad and High 7-12-11

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"The work I'm out here doing today is environmental work. That's what I care about...I think most people don't realize we're a part of the rest of the world. I think that people think they're separate from everything else--from other people, from the universe, from the trees and the animals---when in fact we're all connected. The things we do to the other residents of the Earth affect us and the people we care about."

Edmiston was at Broad and High collecting signatures to pressure American Electric Power to comply w/ the Clean Air Act.

"They're trying to extend the deadline by which they have to reduce their emissions. At the moment, it's 2015. They're trying to extend it all the way to 2020. But there's no guarantee that when we get to 2020 they won't just try to extend it another 5 years."

Edmiston said Progress Ohio is running the petition drive w/ funding from the Environmental Defense Fund.

He said even though the EDF is large, it doesn't have nearly as much money as AEP.

Eva at Broad and High 7-12-11----Tom Over

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"Educating our children (is what's important). It's the jumping off point for how they do the rest of their lives. W/o that education, you just can't get anywhere anymore. You're not able to get a decent job which means you can't get a decent home, can't raise a family. It all starts w/ education and not just for the purpose of getting a job, but to know more about the world around you."

Eva, who declined to give her last name, said she works at OSU and has friends who have worked in elementary, middle, and high schools. She said she opposes the funding cuts to education.

"There's got to be some place else they can cut."

Chris Apple of 4 Seasons City Farm and Emmanuel (whose last name I didn't get)--Tom Over

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Emmanuel helped w/ the planting of tomatoes at the corner of Bryden and Ohio. He is part of a program for people w/ developmental disabilities run by AD Ohio.

Christopher Apple who’s worked w/ 4 Seasons City Farm for years helps Emmanuel and other participants in the AD Ohio program learn about community gardening.

“This (gardening) is particularly great for this type of work, because I can use the garden as a way to have some teachable moments and help these guys increase their self-esteem and their skill-sets and help out Hank, Daniel, and (Four Seasons) City Farm in the process. It’s a win-win.”

Curtis Greczyn helps plant tomatoes and enjoys a cookout in 'Sunflower Alley.'

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Mark Froemke

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LABOR CREATES ALL WEALTH radio interviews MARK FROMKE, President of the tri-state (Minnesota, Dakotas) AFL-CIO Labor Federation, discussing the 20-month lock-out of Bakery Workers by Chrystal Sugar. Chrystal Sugar, a farmer’s co-op, gets huge government subsidies for producing their product. The Bakery Workers Union has a three decades long history of solid, positive relations with Chrystal, but still faces a corporate-government alliance to break their union and throw their families into poverty. Mark discusses the fight, the strength and courage of these workers and their families and urges us to help in their fight for justice.

WCRS News - April Entertainment Report

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Tom Sauders

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Conscious Voices Jeremy Scahill in Columbus

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Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars spoke in Columbus this week and we recorded it for you.

Conscious Voices - Jeremy Scahill Q and A from the Columbus screeni ng of Dirty Wars

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Jeremy Scahill answers questions from the audience after the screening of the film Dirty Wars, a documentary companion to his latest book by the same title.