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CV 20240201 Chris Hedges on Israel's massacre in Palestine

1:00:00 minutes (44.04 MB)

January lecture by Chris Hedges

CV 20240208 Israael's disinformation campaign

Maax Blumenthal interviewed by Chris Hedges on the disinformaation campaign by Israel regarding Hamas and Israeli journalist Gideon Levy on the fallacy of the "two state solution".

59:54 minutes (38.65 MB)

CV 20240215 Why No Cease-Fire Demand?

News update on Gaza from Crystal Ball, interview with Harvard Prof. of Political Science on the consequences of the US not demanding a cease-fire, and an independent report on settler-violence in the West Bank.

59:58 minutes (41.78 MB)

CV 20240221 Daniel Levy on the quandry of Israel

Interview with former Israeli negotiator and occupation critic, Daniel Levy

59:55 minutes (42.85 MB)

YM 20240226 Emma's Revolution

Emma's Revolution 20th anniversary concert

1:59:55 minutes (82.36 MB)

CV 20240229 Hasan and Sanders on Palestine

A portion of a recent podcast interview with former MSNBC host and commetator Medhi Hassan, and a recent floor speech by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders on the current situation in Gaza, Plalestine.

1:00:00 minutes (44.85 MB)

YM 20240229 Taj Mahal and Sona Jobarteh

1:59:05 minutes (84.04 MB)

CV 20240307 Pankaj Mishra the Shoah After Gaza

Indian author Pankaj Mishra speaking at the London Review of Books

59:55 minutes (42.17 MB)

YM 20240311 Naseer Shamma on Oud, and Music For Palestine

Iraqi Oud player concert recording from 2014 and a playlist of songs from and for Palestine

1:59:59 minutes (80.4 MB)

CV 20240322 Ali Abumina on Israel's propaganda campaign

Electronic Intifada publisher Ali Abumina interviewed hy Chris Hedges on the topic of Israeli propaganda and Western media dereliction

59:47 minutes (36.86 MB)

CV 20240328 UN Panel on Gaza

59:18 minutes (43.17 MB)

Your Music 202403.27 Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

Jazz pianist and vocalist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh in 2 concert recoirdings

2:00:00 minutes (73.74 MB)

Your Music 20240408 Nora Jones

Jazz/Blues/Soul singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Nora Jones full concert recording

1:59:49 minutes (76.12 MB)

CV 20240425 How Zionism Stole Jewish Identity

a podcast interview with Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, author of The Empty Basket; Zionism's Journey From Identity Crisis to Identity Theft Also, Naomi Klein's speech at the Seder In The Streets

1:00:00 minutes (37.08 MB)

CV 20240502 Palestine Solidarity on Campuses

Audio/interviews from the May 1 Palestine solidarity rally at Ohio State University, plus an excerpt from an Intercept interview with author and historian Judith Butler on the distinction between anti-zionism and anti-semitism.

1:00:00 minutes (46.35 MB)

CV 20240509 Edward Said on Orientalism

An interview with author and historian Edward Said on the stereotyping of Arabs and Asians and its effect on colonialism.

59:56 minutes (44.43 MB)

CV 20240509 Edward Said on Orientalism

59:56 minutes (44.43 MB)

CV 20240523 Angela Davis on apartheid and BDS

A lecture from 2020 on the necessity and breadth of the anti-apartheid movement with regard to Israel, and the broader implications of the Palestinian solidarity movement.

59:57 minutes (41.28 MB)

CV 20240606 Israel, the Rogue State

A clip from a CNN interview with a former IDF commander speaking about the indoctrination of Israelis to support the occupation, then a talk by Institute for Policy Studies director Phyllis Bennis on the global movement against apartheid, and an Al Jazeera English interview with Israeli journalist Guideon Levy.

59:53 minutes (39.74 MB)