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The DJBC Happy Hour- May 16th Show

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

Originally broadcast for May 16, 2011.

Tonight, the DJBC discusses the Daytime Emmy Nominations, plus previews some of the things going on around town this week.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Rapture-Free Prelude to Summer

56:37 minutes (51.84 MB)

Tonight's show previews Memorial Day Weekend Events- such as the grand opening of Columbus Commons.

Bryan interviews Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Events for the Greater Columbus Arts Council Jami Goldstein on the 2011 Greater Columbus Arts Festival, June 3rd to June 5th in the Discovery District.

This week's cold open sketch to the show pokes fun at the May 21, 2011 doomsday predictions.

The DJBC Happy Hour: The Best of the First Six Weeks

58:06 minutes (53.2 MB)

Tonight's show is a look back at the first six weeks on the air, including a demonstration on what the Weekend Warrior is all about, clips from the first six shows, and an encore presentation of last week's interview with Jami Goldstein of the Greater Columbus Arts Council. In the Last Call segment, Bryan previews some of the topics for future weeks of the show.

The DJBC Happy Hour- June 6, 2011 A.T.

59:37 minutes (54.6 MB)

Tonight on the Show:
The Daytime Emmy Awards and Tony Awards are both previewed
The Weekend Warrior previews events for the next two weekends including Pride, The Creekside Jazz & Blues Festival in Gahanna, and so many more.

The 2011 Bryan & Silver Garbage Awards Pre-Nomination Lists, plus BC's Tony and Daytime Emmy Predictions- (Nominations for Bryan Awards: July 7 @ 10AM; Silver Garbage Awards: July 13 between 9AM and Noon)

The DJBC Happy Hour- Happy Birthday, BC!

56:00 minutes (51.27 MB)

A celebration of birthdays, and the anniversary of the birth of the host/executive producer of this lovely program.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Manically Packed Monday

59:19 minutes (54.31 MB)

On tonight's show, Bryan recaps the Daytime Emmy Awards and Tony Awards, plus previews Comfest, and interviews the co-chair and media chair of the German Village Haus und Garten Tour, about the upcoming tour and about how the legacy of German Village plays a role in the tour.

And in "Really Bad Commercials, etc.", a July 4th parade spot, a trailer for "Hamlet III", and a commercial to the prequels to one of the worst movies of all-time.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Somewhere In the Middle of ComFest and Independence Day

57:58 minutes (53.06 MB)

A preview of ALL things happening between now and right after July 4th, including July 4th.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Out of Many...Proud of the Red, White, and Blue

56:02 minutes (62 MB)

(Originally Aired on July 4, 2011) The First Annual DJBC Happy Hour July 4th Special features patriotic songs, plus reflections from Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, and an interview with Paul Revere.

The DJBC Happy Hour- 7-11 Day at the 2011 Bryan Awards

58:12 minutes (62.05 MB)

Tonight on the Show:
The Bryan Award Nominations- Who are they? What are they?
Preview of the Primetime Emmy Nominations on Thursday- Who will get in?
Weekend Warrior Previews the Week's Events

The DJBC Happy Hour- The Emmy Nominations Hangover: Part 63

58:34 minutes (65.02 MB)

Tonight on the show, events are previewed for the remainder of July, and this week, the DJBC recaps the Emmy Nominations- who got in, who didn't, and big surprises.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Deck the Halls, It's Christmas in July!

58:52 minutes (64.16 MB)

Tonight, it is Christmas in July. Christmas songs are played, a few poems are read, and BC briefly discusses Columbus holiday July! Yes, it's Christmas in July. Bring out the tree, the egg n-- (oh, wait), the carols, the ugly sweater, and those Christmas cartoons, because it's Christmas in July on an all-new DJBC Happy Hour.

Mistletoe- Walter De La Mare
Merry Christmas, Everywhere- Anon
Christmas 1863/I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The DJBC Happy Hour- I Want My MTV...30 Years Later

58:17 minutes (61.76 MB)

30 Years Ago Today, MTV was born.

Songs by Rod Stewart and REO Speedwagon, which were two of the songs played on the first day of MTV 30 years ago today, plus the very first song played, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. Rod Stewart was the most-played artist on that day, with six of Stewart’s songs being played.

Other songs by Nirvana, Michael Jackson, and others.

Skits spoofing “Jersey Shore”, and the pitch of "Miami Vice".

Among the notable songs played on August 1, 1981:
1) “Video Killed the Radio Star”- The Buggles
2) “You Better Run”- Pat Benatar
3) “She Won’t Dance With Me”- Rod Stewart (the first of 6 Rod Stewart songs played)
4) “You Better You Bet”- The Who (the first song to be played more than once)
7) “Brass in Pocket”- The Pretenders
8) “Time Heals”- Todd Rundgren
9) “Take It On the Run”- REO Speedwagon (The 2nd song to be played more than once)
10) “Rockin’ the Paradise”- Styx
15) “Sailing”- Rod Stewart (Stewart also was the first artist to be played more than once)
17) “Keep On Loving You”- REO Speedwagon (REO Speedwagon was the 2nd artist to be played more than once)
18) “Bluer than Blue”- Michael Johnson
22) “In the Air Tonight”- Phil Collins
25) “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”- Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
26) “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy”- Rod Stewart
41) “Angel of the Morning”- Juice Newton
46) “Tusk”- Fleetwood Mac
49) “Rapture”- Blondie
54) “Thank You For Being a Friend” (The Golden Girls theme)- Andrew Gold
76) “Heart of Glass”- Blondie
85) “Love Stinks”- The J. Geils Band

MTV has its own awards shows- the MTV Movie Awards (usually held in late spring) and the MTV Video Music Awards (usually held in early September). The Bryan Awards category for Best Villain was inspired from the category of a similar name at the MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Show References in The Show:
- Jersey Shore
- The Real World
- Real World/Road Rules
- The Hills
- Yo! MTV Raps

The DJBC Happy Hour- Show # 17: August 8, 2011

54:02 minutes (58.74 MB)

This show features mostly music, and four new "commercials/promotional spots" that fell flat...

Among the events mentioned in the Weekend Warrior:
- Festival Latino (Saturday & Sunday)
- APS Stamp Show at the Convention Center (Thursday-Sunday)
- plus others

The DJBC Happy Hour - Show # 18 (August 15, 2011)

55:49 minutes (61.7 MB)

The DJBC Happy Hour- I Want My MTV...30 Years Later (R)

58:30 minutes (53.56 MB)

Originally broadcast on August 1, 2011- 30 years to the day of the launch of MTV, this show celebrates the dawn of Music Television.

"Video Killed the Radio Star"- The Buggles
"Do You Think I'm Sexy"- Rod Stewart
"Rapper's Delight"- The Sugarhill Gang
"Miami Vice Theme"- Jan Hammer
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"- Nirvana
"Set Adrift on Memory Bliss"- PM Dawn
"Mickey"- Toni Basil
"Billie Jean"- Michael Jackson

# 007 - June 6, 2011 A.T. (After Tressel) - DJBC Classic

59:50 minutes (54.78 MB)

Complete with a new intro and outro, this re-packaged DJBC Classic takes us to yet another Early Classic, Show # 7, first aired on June 6, 2011 (hence the first part of the title). The A.T. part was in nod that it was the first show since the "resignation*" of Jim Tressel from the B*ckeyes Football Team one week prior on Memorial Day 2011, capping off the Tattoogate Scandal at THE Ohio. The day after this show originally aired, then-B*ckeyes Quarterback (and the real star of Tattoogate) Terrelle Pryor was declared ineligible by the NCAA, and then obviously flatulated in the NFL as a Wide Receiver after a failed stint as a 3rd String Quarterback in the NFL.

In this show, we poke fun at the Scandal with these two sketches:
- A Cold Open Sketch with Barack Obama who announces the departure of Tressel from THE Ohio.
- Taylor Swift on "The Dating Game" with Terrelle Pryor (as Bachelor # 2). Coincidentally, Swift had a concert in Columbus that week, hence that sketch.

Also in the Show:
- The Daytime Emmys Preview (the last one with "As the World Turns" - RIP)
- The (edited) Weekend Warrior (ya know, that Intro and Outro were gonna come at a hefty price tag)

A lot has changed in the decade and 370-plus shows since that show first aired, and it's always great to go back at the infancy of this show on WCRS.