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Civically Engaged reports on growing food/original air date 5-20-11

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Derek Lory describes his work w/ Helping Hands Community Garden which is located on E. Hudson Street.

Tomi Rudavsky will tells us about the garden she and her husband enjoy near the Olentangy trail, on Kenworth in Clintonville.

Café Bella owner, Vince Withers, describes some of the details of the aquaculture gardens in the back of his High Street restaurant.

And Joe Beth--yes, I did not get her last name---tells us about the raised beds of vegetables she, her husband, and her two daughters are growing in the front yard of their home on Crestview Ave in Clintonville, just a Frisbee throw away from the Clintonville Community Market. Before putting this show together which has sat around on my computer for a couple of weeks, I saw Joe Beth and asked for her last name. She said “just use my first name, like I’m a rock star.”

Well, OK.

To start off let’s hear about gardening from a few really young folk who were working at the Helping Hands Community Garden one Saturday morning about 3 weeks ago.

Leading those children on that Saturday morning was Derek Lory. He’s been coordinating the work at the Helping Hands Community Garden. Let’s hear what he has to say about that.

About a mile or so Northwest of the Helping Hands community garden, you may notice a well-designed garden of raised beds in the front yard of Tomi Rudavsky on Kenworth, near the Olentangy trail. I leaned my bicycle against the automobile in her driveway as she told me about the garden she and her husband have been cultivating there on Kenworth Ave for seven years.

About a mile or so downstream on the Olentangy River is Café Bella, where owner Vince Withers grows herbs and vegetables with aquaculture gardens.

Water circulates from fish tanks to plants in the rafters in the roof of the café’s patio. One late afternoon while the café was closed, and empty for deep cleaning, Withers talked to me about some aspects of his work.