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Short speech on diversity by Chris Sunami

1:44 minutes (1.59 MB)

Although this file appears under "conscious voices", it is not an edition of the Conscious Voices program, but a short, stand-alone audio segment. It is a speech on diversity given at the Ohio Statehouse following a day of lobbying Republican legislators and two Republican Party offices in Columbus, Ohio, urging them to reject the racism, sexism, and homophobia espoused by Donald Trump and his proposed cabinet appointees.

CV 052820 Police Brutality in Context

59:57 minutes (40.38 MB)

A discussion of recent killings of un-armed Black men by white police officers ( one retired) which were caught on camera and have provoked responses reminiscent of earlier killings of other Black people by other white police officers. I share my own thoughts in an extended opening monologue, then we hear from Minneapolis mayor Jason Frey, and a press conference in Minneapolis with Al Sharpton, plus an excerpt from KPFA's Hard Knock Radio

CV 060420 Black Lives Matter in the time of Covid

1:00:00 minutes (40 MB)

Audio from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in Columbus this past week and from a press conference announcing a resolution identifying racism as a public health crisis.