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Conscious Voices with Tom Over- writer David Swanson on environmentalism, militarism, and excessive presidential power

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WCRS  talks with David Swanson, author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union

September 2, 2009

WCRS :   Tell us about the book.

David Swanson: The book is called Daybreak: Undoing The Imperial Presidency And Forming A More Perfect Union, and as that title might suggest, it’s somewhat divided into a couple of parts. One part – what’s wrong, and one part, what do we do about it.

The part about what’s wrong deals largely with the real acceleration during the past eight years of the transfer of power -- from the Congress, and the courts and the people to the White House, and the crimes and abuses but also the systemic changes that need to be undone and reversed.

The bulk of the book is about -- you know, beyond undoing the damage, how do we form a more perfect union where we have better representation, better government, better public services, a better relationship with the rest of the world, and so on. (The book is about) imagining what could be and then strategizing as to how citizens can be better at making things happen.

WCRS: Could you tell us about the October 5 protest that is scheduled?

David Swanson:
Sure, one of the things that’s happened in the past 7, 8, or 9 months is that the peace movement has largely gone away and been de-funded… [but] we have human rights groups that would never oppose the war [but are now] helping with opposing torture and war crimes .They would never back impeachment, but they’re all for prosecution.