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Talk with folk at a local food forum hosted by Edible Columbus and Local Matters, plus a talk with activist Alec Johnson

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Here is some audio recorded on April 18, 2011, at a forum on local food hosted by Edible Columbus and Local Matters. The forum meets every 3rd Monday at 6 pm at Wild Goose Creative.

Here are some notes drawn from the forum.

Darren Malhame of Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association --and one of the owners of North Star Café--mentioned that OEFFA is involved in a lawsuit against Monsanto.

Seth Draeger is starting a garden on Parsons Ave near Marion Rd, and also one on Lock Ave. near Groveport Rd and 104

Nick Stanich referred me to Franklinton Gardens, which he says has been around for 5 years, now having 9 gardens.

When asked about canning what he grows, Stanich said having a “massive food processing facility” for the harvests from community gardens in Columbus would help.

Does anyone know of any such food processing facilities where people can get together to can food ?

Stanich also said more organization among community gardeners in Columbus and beyond would be useful.

“We need to get more of an understanding of who’s gardening around the city. There’s not that much of an established resource that connects everyone…at the moment.”

One attempt to help with that involves a newly formed assortment of people calling itself Greater Columbus Growing Coalition. Their next meeting is on Thursday, May 5 at 6 pm at Barley’s on Dublin-Grandview Road.

One person at this event---Tim Price-- who is currently getting his 10 X 20 ft garden ready for the 2011 out-door growing season-- said the main thing keeping him from working with other gardeners around the city is his work schedule.

“I work in Dayton. I leave around 7 in the morning and get home around 7 or 7:30 in the evening.”

Jaime Moore, who owns and operates along with her husband Adam Welly, Wayward Seed Farm, was at the forum. She said Wayward Seed will soon get it’s USDA organic certification.

Another person at this forum was Yolanda Moser.