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You've convinced me... Now go out and make me do it.

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Ellen Baumgarter

The quote is apocryphal, but Ellen Baumgartner is a local activist who is holding on to the "make-me-do-it" method for getting Obama to deliver at least some of the changes he promised during his campaign in '08. A couple of weeks after being jailed for civil disobedience in protest against the Keystone XL tars sands pipeline, Baumgartner said she supports Obama's reelection.

"I believe in Obama. I think he has had tremendous challenges. But he has done a number of good things. People are expecting too much of him, because he has inherited a mess. Now, with the Congress being so antagonistic and determined to not give him anything that he wants, it's very discouraging. However, if the choice is between Obama and a Republican of the ilk we have been seeing, it's Obama hands-down."

In late August police arrested more than 1200 people near the White House. Protestors took part in civil disobedience against Keystone XL. It was part of a two-week long effort to send a message to Obama and the rest of our country.

The proposed pipeline would carry tar sands oil from Canada to Texas where it would be refined and sent to other countries. The project has united many environmentalists and human rights activists who say tar sands oil extraction violates the land rights of indigenous people in Canada and exacerbates climate change.

"We should let him (Obama) know what his supporters want him to do... He has the power to say no (to Keystone XL). He doesn't need Congress to approve of his decision."