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Labor Creates All Wealth - Poverty in Central Ohio February 9th 2012 - Program #1

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Tim Burga

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Guests Norm Wernet and Bentley Davis with Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans

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Mike Edelbrock, President of USW, LU 624 discusses the “family issues” that forced the 230 members of that steelworker local to walk out, to defend their ability to be active with their families, active in their community and to have decent safety standards working dangerous jobs at Husky Energy Refinery in Lima, Ohio. Solidarity activities and how others can support these courageous strikers was also on the agenda here.

Labor Creates All Wealth - Deidre Reese Outreach Coordinator for AFL-CIO

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Labor Creates All Wealth - August 11th Rally in Philadelphia

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IBEW leader Mario Ciardelli discusses mobilizing for the huge, Union-led August 11 Stand Up for America rally in Philadelphia. Labor & allies are kicking off a major push for a Second Bill of Rights, calling for; * Right a job * Right to vote and full participation in the electoral process * Right to join a Union & for a voice at work & Right to a secure & healthy future!

Friends are urged to jump on the buses to the big rally in Philly!

Labor Creates All Wealth - Rally for a 2nd Bill of Rights

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Here are interviews with labor activists from around Ohio who went on a bus together to the August 11th 2012 Rally for a second bill of rights.

Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Tom Hayden

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Kurt Bateman co-host of Labor Creates All Wealth conducts a phone interview with Tom Hayden author and cofounder of Students for a Democratic Society SDS about participatory democracy, his speaking tour and the current state of politics in America.

Labor Creates All Wealth - The Automative Turnaround

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Tim Burga - the Fiscal Cliff

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Working America

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Labor Creates All Wealth - News Update 2/3/2013

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Promo

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Labor creates all wealth - 3/6/2013

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Mark Froemke

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LABOR CREATES ALL WEALTH radio interviews MARK FROMKE, President of the tri-state (Minnesota, Dakotas) AFL-CIO Labor Federation, discussing the 20-month lock-out of Bakery Workers by Chrystal Sugar. Chrystal Sugar, a farmer’s co-op, gets huge government subsidies for producing their product. The Bakery Workers Union has a three decades long history of solid, positive relations with Chrystal, but still faces a corporate-government alliance to break their union and throw their families into poverty. Mark discusses the fight, the strength and courage of these workers and their families and urges us to help in their fight for justice.

Labor Creates All Wealth - CWA/Sierra Club TPP workshop

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GLEN SKEEN, Communication Worker’s Union leader and one of the founders of Ohio’s new PRIDE AT WORK organization. PRIDE AT WORK is the union-based organization working for unity and to help represent LBGT workers. Ohio is the 10th state to set up a PRIDE AT WORK group. GLEN discusses the founding Set. Convention in Cleveland and how PRIDE is working to help support LBGT issues workers face.

Labor Creates All Wealth - May 2 - guests Amanda from Halestorm Ohio and Glenn Skeen from Pride at Work

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Labor Creates All Wealth - May 8th

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Labor Creates All Wealth - Interview with Tom Sauders

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