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Michael Oberdier at Broad and High 7-12-11 ----Tom Over

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"I grew up a Republican...I helped w/ his (George W. Bush's) first campaign and w/ his second campaign...I had an internet radio show in Marysville, Ohio for second, and I'm really upset that they lied to us about a lot of things (regarding the US invasion of Iraq.)"

Oberdier said he helped w/ the Obama campaign as a result of his disillusionment w/ the Bush administration. But now he's not happy w/ Obama either.

"He spent $5 trillion. We're losing jobs. Reagan actually did a better job. He created a million jobs a month w/ a lot less money."

Oberdier said a good question is where all the money being spent by our government is going. He's now an independent voter. According to him, the mainstream media is part of the problem.

"The news basically kowtows to corporations like Walmart, Nestle--the major conglomerates. If they tell the truth, they'll lose their sponsorships and people won't buy ads from them anymore."

Oberdier said the website of his internet radio show was hacked and shut down. He also said big corporations heavily influence not only major news organizations, but also the expert opinions coming from elite universities.

"If Harvard, Yale, and Princeton could learn how to count and tell the truth and not use fuzzy math and not use legal mumbo jumbo," Americans would be more informed about what's going on, said Oberdier.

He said working w/ people face-to-face in our communities is part of the solution for loosening the grip propaganda can have on our minds.

"We can turn off 'the news' and gather in parks and talk and decide what to do."

Oberdier said he's a musician and works w/ Sada Ruchi, a Yogi poet.