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Rebecca Brown at a Four Seasons City Farm cook-out

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She said community gardening can bring in --at least potentially- a wide variety of people.

“Like today: we have some disabled individuals and some children out here. So, there are all kinds of other community groups that can get involved so that it can become a norm to garden and we can have more eyes out looking for more pieces of land.”

Brown said money is also a factor.

“ There are some grants out there. They’re not easy to get but there’s a lot of people out there who have money and who believe in this sort of thing. It (community gardening) builds community, and it stimulates people environmentally, which is a really important thing for our youth today because so much of their stimulation comes from electronics. So this would give them a chance to get out and actually touch elbows w/ people.

"You can incorporate any facet of organization going on --from churches to disabled to children like we mentioned, and any elderly groups. Any nursing home that’s got the space can put some tomatoes in."