Audio by genre ethnic

Pamoja FM April 1st 2009

54:35 minutes (49.98 MB)

ft. Mali's Amadou & Mariam w/ Sabali

Pamoja FM May 6th 2009

58:33 minutes (53.61 MB)

All Ugandan
ft. Toniks, Chameleone, Radio and Weasel, Ngoni Juliana, and many more....

Pamoja FM May 13th 2009

57:01 minutes (52.21 MB)

ft. Senegal's Adiouza w/ Nobel (Carmen)

Pamoja FM May 20th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Ali Kiba - Cinderella

Pamoja FM June 10th 2009

58:15 minutes (53.34 MB)

Senegal, Burundi, Botswana, Madagascar and more

Pamoja FM July 15th 2009

57:47 minutes (52.91 MB)

Naija's Bigiano, Guinea's Nafissatou Diawara, DRC's Werrason and more

Pamoja FM July 29th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Major song from the Comoros... Kayden w/ Daika

Pamoja FM August 5th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. the Namibian smash hit by Lady May w/Chokola

Pamoja FM August 12th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Salone's one and only Black Sensation w/ Queen

Pamoja FM August 26th 2009

58:06 minutes (66.5 MB)

ft. Cote D'Ivoire's Kedjevara w/ Sarah

Pamoja FM September 9th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

all over

Pamoja FM September 23rd 2009

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

ft. Fally Ipupa w/ Bicarbonate

Pamoja FM September 30th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Cabo Verde's Mayra Andrade

Pamoja FM October 14th 2009

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

ft. Equitorial Guinea's Conche Buika

Pamoja FM October 21st 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Egypt's Somaya

Pamoja FM November 11th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Nicky Nola w/ Habiba

Pamoja FM December 9th 2009

58:01 minutes (53.11 MB)

Pamoja FM January 27th 2009

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Senegal's Mame Balla

Pamoja FM February 3rd 2010

58:01 minutes (53.11 MB)

Acoustic Show
ft. Guadeloupe's Erik w/ Si ou pa la

Pamoja FM February 17th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Jesse Matador - Mini Kawoule

Pamoja FM February 24th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft.Ethiopia's Eyob Mekonen - Neqchalew

Pamoja FM March 10th 2010

58:39 minutes (53.7 MB)

Zamfunk: All Songs Zambian
ft. John Chiti - Ngo Uleya

Pamoja FM March 24th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Fatou Guewel - Jigeen Ni

Pamoja FM May 5th 2010

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

ft. Jay Ghartey with "My Lady" from Ghana

Pamoja FM June 9th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

South Africa: Music from the World Cup Nation

*not included k'naan Wave Your Flag or Shakira Waka Waka. amen

Pamoja FM July 29th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

exclusive kaysha, kidumu, don balaam, youssou ndor, and more...

Pamoja FM August 11th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Another new Kaysha joint, Vivian Ndour, Dj Ganyani, and more...

R.I.P. Oliver Ngoma (tribute coming soon)

Pamoja FM September 1st 2010

56:45 minutes (51.96 MB)

Reggae Island. Newer songs From Queen Ifrica, Gyptian, Sean Paul, and more...

Pamoja FM September 15th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

songs from Somalia, Guinea, Burundi, and Beyond...

Pamoja FM September 22nd 2010

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

the Sexy Sounds of kizomba, zouk, and everthing in between. Big shout out to Jay R Veiga in Boston

Pamoja FM September 29th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Music from our childhood Part 1

Pamoja FM October 13th 2010

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

its our second year anniversary, time for some random african tunes. We Love You.

Pamoja FM November 3rd 2010

58:20 minutes (53.41 MB)

Namibia, Nigeria, and more

Pamoja FM November 10th 2010

55:28 minutes (50.79 MB)

Ft. DJ Arafat - 8500 volt (Cote d'Ivoire)

Pamoja FM November 24th

58:40 minutes (53.71 MB)

We Are Reggae vol. 2

Pamoja FM December 8th 2010

58:24 minutes (53.47 MB)

a show dedicated to the comeback kid from Uganda, Bebe Cool. Join us New Years for an african bash and yes Uganda will be represented.

Pamoja FM December 15th 2010

59:17 minutes (54.28 MB)

For Zouk, Kompa, Kizomba, and Semba Lovers Only!

Pamoja FM December 22nd 2010

58:01 minutes (53.11 MB)

featuring the smash hit remake of "Laàyoun Aynia" by Jil Jilala ft. Douzi & David Picollo from Morocco

Pamoja FM January 5th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Christophe Matata - The Early Years. Rest In Peace Poet of Bujumbura

Pamoja FM January 12th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Mbalax Madness! Ft. Nder with "Le defi". Also included; Viviane Ndour, Fatou Guewel Diouf, Cheikf Ndiaye, Kine Lam, Yoro and Yoon, Coumba Gawlo, Youssou Ndour, and more...

Pamoja FM

58:23 minutes (53.45 MB)

Chill music from across the continent... feat. Salif Keita , Khadja Nin , Nameless , Agboti Yaw , Ba'Pongo and more . . .

Pamoja FM January 26th 2011

58:02 minutes (53.13 MB)

Christophe Matata - The Later Years. Rest in Peace Poet of Buja

Pamoja FM February 9th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Reggae Pon Mi Wine vol. 3. African Reggae feat. Kenya's Wyre w/ Sina Makosa

Pamoja FM February 16th 2011

59:15 minutes (54.25 MB)

Old N' New - Random African... When Molly Met Prime vol. 1

Pamoja FM February 23rd 2011

57:36 minutes (52.73 MB)

Prime loves her (vol.) 2 - ft. Jacky Rapon w/ Fallait Pas

Pamoja FM March 2nd 2011

57:52 minutes (52.98 MB)

Ft. (Nigeria) Timaya, (Ghana) Castro, (Guinea) Fode Baro, and others...

Pamoja FM March 16th 2011

58:24 minutes (53.46 MB)

Celebrating Our Women.

Pamoja FM March 30th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

ft. PDK (Namibia), K'millian (Zambia), Tutu Callugi (DRC)

Pamoja FM April 6th 2011

57:41 minutes (52.81 MB)

Featuring Mr. D aka African Son w/ Sinzagusiga (Rwanda)

Pamoja FM April 20th 2011

59:01 minutes (54.03 MB)

Bongo Love: Zouk music from the nation of Tanzania. For Lovers Only

Pamoja FM June 22nd 2011

58:14 minutes (53.31 MB)

Songs from our Vacation... ft Trapee w/ Najivunia

Pamoja FM July 13th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Urban Soundz

Pamoja FM August 10th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Random Tunes from Morocco to the Cape

Pamoja FM August 17th 2011

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

ft. Toofan (Togo), Nana Boroo (Ghana), Mr. Bow (Mozambique), Mokobe (Mali), and many more

Pamoja FM September 15th 2011

56:40 minutes (51.88 MB)

Another All African Affair

Pamoja FM September 28th 2011

57:03 minutes (52.24 MB)

Cafe Music ft. Kennenga w/ Pa Pe (Martinique)

Pamoja FM October 12th 2011

55:50 minutes (51.11 MB)

African Anthems! ft. Naeto (Nigeria), Lizha James (Mocambique), Roga Roga (DRC), DJ Cleo (South Africa)

Pamoja FM October 19th 2011

57:56 minutes (53.04 MB)

ft. Mazi Floss ft 2face – Marsh Up (Nigeria)

Pamoja FM November 2nd 2011

58:33 minutes (53.6 MB)

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy HOUSE. God Bless South Africa vol. 2

Pamoja FM November 16th 2011

57:18 minutes (52.46 MB)

East African Ngoma ft. Stella Mwangi w/ Take My Time (Kenya)

Pamoja FM November 23rd 2011

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Rum and Reggae w/ Laza Morgan ft. Mavado - One by One

Pamoja FM November 30th 2011

56:50 minutes (52.04 MB)

All African Affair ft. P Square w/ Chop My Money

Pamoja FM December 21st 2011

58:01 minutes (53.11 MB)

LusoAfrica.... RIP Cesaria Evora, Mother of Morna

Pamoja FM January 11th 2012

59:00 minutes (54.02 MB)

Club Pamoja ft. Ferre Gola w/ Tsheke Le Pete

Pamoja FM January 18th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Ghana: Beyond Azonto

Pamoja FM January 25th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

All African Affair ft. Kaysha w/ Sounds of the Future

Best of 2011 (Online Special)

79:58 minutes (73.21 MB)

featuring song of the year "Valu Valu" by Chameleone and artist of the year Radio and Weasel

Pamoja FM February 1st 2012

58:09 minutes (53.24 MB)

For the Ladies: starring Alicios Ft Juliana w/ Mpita Njia

Pamoja FM February 8th 2012

59:21 minutes (54.34 MB)

Ft. Olu Maintain w/ Nawti

Pamoja FM February 15th 2012

59:08 minutes (54.14 MB)

Valentine Zouk for Lovers

Pamoja FM February 22nd 2012

58:01 minutes (53.11 MB)

Nawti Naija ft. Bracket w/ Love

Pamoja FM February 29th 2012

57:55 minutes (53.02 MB)

ft. Assane Ndiaye w/ My Boy

Pamoja FM March 7th 2012

57:51 minutes (52.96 MB)

All Across Africa

Pamoja FM March 14th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Island Vibes ft. Laden w/ Only Friend

Pamoja FM March 21st 2012

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

African Awesomeness ft. Avril w/ Kitu Kimoja

Pamoja FM March 28th 2012

55:39 minutes (50.95 MB)

Chill Music Show

Pamoja FM April 4th 2012

59:00 minutes (54.02 MB)

Yes We afriCAN ft.Emmerson and Timaya w/ Sweet Palm Wine

Pamoja FM April 11th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Africa All Over ft. Mr. Nice w/ Tabia Gani

Pamoja FM April 25th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Women Rock vol. 3

Pamoja FM May 2nd 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Fly Guys vol. 2

Pamoja FM May 9th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Chill Music ft. Zahara w/ Loliwe

Pamoja FM May 16th 2012

58:50 minutes (53.87 MB)

Woza! South African House

Pamoja FM May 23rd 2012

58:16 minutes (53.35 MB)

Angola: Kuduro & House

Pamoja FM May 30th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Mozambique: Pandza to House

Pamoja FM June 6th 2012

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Reggae Afrique ft. May D (Nigeria)

Pamoja FM June 13th 2012

58:29 minutes (53.54 MB)

Across Africa feat. Iyanya w/ Kukere

Pamoja FM June 20th 2012

56:08 minutes (51.4 MB)

East African Affair ft. Jaguar (Kenya)

Pamoja FM June 27th 2012

58:05 minutes (53.18 MB)

Guest DJ Limbzo!!! SA House mix. visit him on:
twitter: @limbzo
Download this mix here:
and bonus mix here:

Pamoja FM October 3rd 2012

55:47 minutes (51.08 MB)

Zouk! ft. Layanah w/ Je T'aime Trop

Pamoja FM January 2nd 2013

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

featuring Uganda's Ruyonga w/ Hela (Pesa)

Pamoja FM January 9th 2013

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Featuring Comoro's Rahil Kayden w/ Kizomba

Pamoja FM January 16th 2013

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

South African House featuring DJ Ganyani w/ Be There

Pamoja FM January 23rd 2013

58:03 minutes (53.14 MB)

East African Safari ft. P-Unit w/ You Guy

Pamoja FM January 30th 2013

57:50 minutes (52.95 MB)

Luso Dance ft. Yuri Da Cunha w/ To Maluco

Pamoja FM February 6th 2013

57:52 minutes (52.98 MB)

Luso Slow ft. Lizha James ft. Anselmo Ralph w/ Vais Rochar

Pamoja FM February 12th 2013

59:28 minutes (54.45 MB)

9ja music ft. Banky W's Yes/No

Pamoja FM February 20th 2013

57:30 minutes (52.65 MB)

ft. David Loketo et Les Cinq Etoiles w/ Piqure to Tshubi

Pamoja FM March 6th 2013

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

ft. Madtraxx w/ Kumerera

Pamoja FM March 13th 2013

58:40 minutes (53.71 MB)

ft. Nana Boroo w/ Big Mama

Pamoja FM March 20th 2013

55:50 minutes (51.12 MB)

SA House featuring Euphonik ft. Shota w/ Lose Yourself

Pamoja FM April 3rd 2013

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Mbalax Madness vol.3 ft. Ami Colle w/ Niom Niar

Pamoja FM May 1st 2013

59:37 minutes (54.57 MB)

French West Indies... ft. Victor O w/ Chacha

Pamoja FM May 8th 2013

57:18 minutes (52.46 MB)

ft. Niger's Bombino w/ Azamane Tiliade

Pamoja FM December 18th 2013

59:29 minutes (54.45 MB)

French West Indies ft. Carimi w/ Baby I Miss You

Pamoja FM December 25th 2013

57:48 minutes (52.92 MB)

Luso Vibes ft. Mayra Andrade w/ Ilha de Santiago

Pamoja FM January 1st 2014

58:15 minutes (53.34 MB)

Happy New Year, From Africa incl. DJ Clock ft. Beatenburg - I Still Remember

Pamoja FM January 8th 2014

57:55 minutes (53.03 MB)

Ghana vs. Nigeria ft. Iyanya w/ Away

Pamoja FM January 15th 2014

56:54 minutes (52.09 MB)

East Africa ft. Jaguar w/ Kioo

Pamoja FM January 29th 2014

58:16 minutes (53.35 MB)

SA House incl. Uhuru ft. Speedy w/ Ungowami

Pamoja FM February 5th 2014

58:03 minutes (53.14 MB)

Island Vibes incl. Elephant Man & Spice w/ All the Way

Pamoja FM February 19th 2014

56:49 minutes (52.02 MB)

All Africa ft. Zimbabwe's DEFINED HOUSE

Pamoja FM February 26th 2014

57:11 minutes (52.35 MB)

New Naija ft. Naeto C w/ Limited Edition

Pamoja FM March 5th 2014

59:17 minutes (54.28 MB)

Random Africa incl. Gio ft. Keizer w/ Dieper

Pamoja FM March 12th 2014

58:53 minutes (53.92 MB)

Luso Africa ft. Janessa w/ Feel Like a Man (Jhene Aiko cover)

*disclaimer: Janessa is from French Guiana, but fits this show so well I had to add her ;P

Pamoja FM April 2nd 2014

60:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Francophone ft. Teddy w/ Tande

Pamoja FM April 9th 2014

59:02 minutes (54.04 MB)

South African House ft. Demor w/ Like a Cheater

Pamoja FM April 16th 2014

57:42 minutes (52.83 MB)

Zed Love: the Soundtrack of Zambia

Pamoja FM April 23rd 2014

55:53 minutes (51.16 MB)

All Africa incl. Dada Cross ft. T-Max w/ Ngirira Vuba

Pamoja FM April 30th 2014

59:07 minutes (54.12 MB)

Happy 35 Chameleone: the 1st decade (2001-2010)

Pamoja FM May 7th 2014

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

Ghana vs. Naija incl. Patoranking ft. Tiwa Savage w/ Girlie O Remix

Pamoja FM May 14th 2014

57:27 minutes (52.59 MB)

LusoAfrica ft. Perola w/ Eu Não Sou Criança

Pamoja FM May 21st 2014

58:22 minutes (53.43 MB)

East Africa ft. Radio & Weasel w/ Ntunga

Pamoja FM May 28th 2014

56:18 minutes (51.54 MB)

All Africa ft. Kabu Verdi's Philip Monteiro

Pamoja FM June 4th 2014

57:45 minutes (52.87 MB)

South African House ft. Mpumi w/ Somandla

Pamoja FM June 11th 2014

57:47 minutes (52.9 MB)

French West Indies Females ft. Lisa Moise w/ It's all about me

Pamoja FM June 18th 2014

57:10 minutes (52.34 MB)

LusoAfrica ft.Casy w/ Mi Tin Un Amor

Pamoja FM June 25th 2014

59:00 minutes (54.02 MB)

Senegal x Guinea ft. Birahim w/ Kima Done Seet

Pamoja FM September 3rd 2014

58:54 minutes (53.93 MB)

East Africa ft. Linah w/ Ole Thembalami

Pamoja FM September 10th 2014

59:00 minutes (54.02 MB)

South African House ft. DJ Fisherman w/ Call Out

Pamoja FM September 17th 2014

57:10 minutes (52.34 MB)

Naija ft. OD Woods w/ I'm Ready

Pamoja FM September 24th 2014

56:02 minutes (51.3 MB)

LusoAfrica ft. Kawam w/ Nao Me Agara Ai

Pamoja FM October 1st 2014

58:35 minutes (53.64 MB)

All Africa ft. Botswana's DJ Gouveia w/ Hamba

Pamoja FM October 8th 2014

56:40 minutes (51.89 MB)

Zouk x Kompa ft. T-Micky & Wyclef w/ Nou Pare

Pamoja FM October 15th 2014

58:00 minutes (53.1 MB)

Ghana x Nigeria ft. Ice Prince w/ That Could Be Us

Pamoja FM October 22nd 2014

57:10 minutes (52.34 MB)

Kidum at 40: the Kirundi Sessions

Pamoja FM October 29th 2014

57:15 minutes (52.42 MB)

House: Angola x South Africa incl. Mono-T ft. AB Crazy w/ Monalisa

Pamoja FM November 5th 2014

56:45 minutes (51.96 MB)

Ethiopia ft. Wendi Mak w/ Lela

Pamoja FM November 12th 2014

58:13 minutes (53.3 MB)

Reggae Vibez incl. RR ft. Mavado w/ Crazy in Love

Pamoja FM November 19th 2014

57:53 minutes (52.99 MB)

SA House incl. DJ Merlon ft. Mondli Ngcobo w/ Koze Kuse

Pamoja FM November 26th 2014

58:40 minutes (53.72 MB)

East Africa ft. A-Pass w/ Wuyo

Pamoja FM December 3rd 2014

57:51 minutes (52.96 MB)

Congo DRC x Cote d'Ivoire ft. Koffi Olomide w/ Mutshiribara

Pamoja FM December 10th 2014

58:04 minutes (53.16 MB)

All Afro ft. Ali Kiba w/ Mwana (Lamar Refix)

Pamoja FM December 17th 2014

57:40 minutes (52.8 MB)

Luso Africa incl. Bruna Tatiana ft. Nelson Freitas & Matias Damásio - É So Bo

Pamoja FM December 24th 2014

59:27 minutes (54.43 MB)

Naija Afrobeat ft. D'Banj w/ Feeling the N!&&@

Pamoja FM January 7th 2015

57:22 minutes (52.52 MB)

Somali Music ft. Xaawo Kin - Banaadir

Pamoja FM January 14th 2015

57:18 minutes (52.46 MB)

French West Indies ft. Mr. GG & Dasha - San Vou

Pamoja FM January 21st 2015

58:12 minutes (53.28 MB)

LusoAfrica ft. Sady w/ Depois Do Casamento

Pamoja FM January 28th 2015

58:48 minutes (53.84 MB)

SA House ft.Durbn Nyts & Zinhle Ngindi w/ Shumaya

Pamoja FM February 4th 2015

56:48 minutes (52.01 MB)

All Africa ft. Zimbabwe's Shingi Mangoma w/ Handikusiye

Pamoja FM February 11th 2015

58:22 minutes (53.44 MB)

UG x Zed incl. JK ft. Yemi Alade w/ Paduze

Pamoja FM February 18th 2015

57:58 minutes (53.07 MB)

Bongo Flava ft. Ben Pol w/ Sophia

Pamoja FM February 25th 2015

58:46 minutes (53.81 MB)

East Africa ft. Elani w/ Nikupende

Pamoja FM March 4th 2015

58:58 minutes (53.99 MB)

Reggae ft. Eddie Murphy w/ Oh Jah Jah