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Conscious Voices--Shawn Paulson talks with protestors at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

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luuliyo - Feb 20 2011

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Conscious Voices at the Don't Frack Ohio convergence

Panel presentation by Alison Auciello of Food and Water Watch, discussion of Fracking threat to Mohican state park, and commentary.

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Conscious Voices Fracking the Wayne

Audio and commentary from the recent Open House encounter at the headquarters of the Wayne National Forest. Forest managers are hoping to lease parts of the forest for Fracking even before an environmental impact study (EIS) is done. Around 50 people attended to ask questions and voice concerns.

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Concsious Voices interview with Lonnie Thompson on global warming

2010 interview with Dr. Lonnie Thompson, glaciologist regarding global warming and climate change

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Conscious Voices 8-31-12 - Tom Over outside the RNC in Tampa

Tent camping in "Romneyville," Tom Over talks with Green Party V.P. candidate Cheri Honkala; her assistant and Hip Hop artist, Shamako Noble; and singer-songwriter activist David Rovics.

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Conscious Voices--Amy Goodman Speaks in Columbus, Part II

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Conscious Voices analysis of the Steubenville high school football rape case

An examination of the Steubenville case, with mention of several similar cases. Narrated articles by sports columnist Dave Zirin, former punk rocker Henry Rollins, and feminist author Mia McKenzie witn a music clip from Peggy Seeger, and closing remarks by feminist sex blogger Laci Green

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Conscious Voices - the firing of Carla Hale

Carla Hale was fired from her teaching position at Bishop Watterson catholic high school after 19 years when an anonymous letter, allegedly from a parent of a student there outed her as a lesbian. Alumni and others have organized in solidarity and are demanding her reinstatement and a change in the Catholic Dioces employment policies.

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Conscious Voices Columbus May labor rallies

Two separate rallies focused on labor rights took place in downtown Columbus this week as the state legislature takes up a bill that may lead to union-busting in public schools, and another that would seriously undermine collective bargaining rights throughout the state. In this program we feature highlights from both rallies, plus a song from Pete Seeger, who turned 94 this week.

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Conscious Voices - Conscious Voices Carla Hale update, Eartrh Guardians, Cincinnati riotsa

Update on Carla Hale's case against the Catholic Diocese, a message from youth environmentalist group Earth Guardians, and reflections on the 2001 riots in Cincinnati from a program produced at WSLR in Gainesville, Florida

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Conscious Voices - Conscious Voices, Hale update, Pattycake goes Coop

update on Carla Hale case with audio from the latest rally, a clip from Jeremy Scahill, and and interview with Jennie Scheinbach, founder of Pattycake Bakery, which has now become a worker-owned cooperative, plus music from Pete Seeger and Sweet Honey in the Rock

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Conscious Voices March Against Monsanto

Last week as many as 1,000 people marched in downtown Columbus to protest against the biotech company Monsanto. We have audio from the rally and we take a look at monsanto's history dating back to Agent Orange and up to this week's banning of GMO crops by Peru. We hear from Canadian farmer Percy Scmeiser who lost a lawsuit against Monsanto and we look at the impact of neonicotenoid insecticides on the world's bee population.

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Conscious Voices Carla Hale update, Assaults on GLBTQ folks in Columbus, Jeremy Scahill on U.S. involvement in Somalia

Carla Hale update, Assaults on GLBTQ folks in Columbus, Jeremy Scahill on U.S. involvement in Somalia

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Conscious Voices Jeremy Scahill in Columbus

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars spoke in Columbus this week and we recorded it for you.

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Conscious Voices March on Washington at 50, Striking Janitors and strikes on Syria

Speeches from the two rallies commemorating the March for Jobs and Justice in Washington ( Al Sharpton and Bernice King, rally in Columbus by SEIU local 1 calling for fair wages for janitors, Phyllis Bennis on why the U.S. should not strike against Syria.

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Conscious Voices Imokalee workers march in Columbus

The Coalition of Imokalee Workers is pressuring Columbus-based Wendy's to sign on to their 1-cent-per-pound contract which guarantees better wages and conditions for tomato pickers in Southern Florida. We spewak with several of the organizers. Also; the weekly Coal Report and a new weekly feature, an audio column from Sonali Kolhatkar

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Conscious Voices special Nelson Mandela from tne vault


3 speeches by Mandela, presented by the Pacifica Radio Archives program From The Vault

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Conscious Voices Columbus Janitors win contract, Imokalee workers confront Wendy's


1,000 + columbus janitors win a new 3-year contract after a year-long battle with downtown cleaning service agencies. Imokalee workers and allies draw 120 to a protest at the grand opening of Wendy's newest burger joint - meet, briefly with a Wendy's exec.

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Conscious Voices campaign finance reform

the Coalition for Responsive Government filed petitions to place a campaign finance reform initiative on the ballot, and last week a formal objection was filed against the proposal, questioning both its legality, on procedural grounds, and its potential effectiveness. Its opponents claim there may be loopholes in the proposal that would render it less meaningful than its drafter intend. In this edition we speak with Jonathan Beard, principle architect of the proposal, and with Brian Rothenberg, who filed the objection.

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Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis

On or before January 9, 2014 Thousands of gallons of a largely un-0tested toxic fluid leaked in to the Elk River at Charleston, West Virginia, poisoning the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians

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Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis update

Since the chemical spill weeks ago that poisoned the water supply for some 300,000 West Virginians the national media attention has subsided, but, in the 9 affected counties, a warning is still in effect advising pregnant women not to drink the water. There are also new revelations about the type and amount of chemicals that were spilled, and about the company that spilled them.

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Conscious Voices Injection well protest Athens, plus more Seeger

8 people were arrested at a protest near Athens for blocking an access road to a fracking waste injection well. Audio from a video report including actualities from the protest plus part of a Pacifica Archives tribute to Pete Seeger

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Conscious Voices Moral Monday March, and more Coal spills

More Coal ash spills - BIG ones! in West Virginia and North Carolina, and a huge demonstration in Raleigh, North Carolina (80,000+!) on a host of issues stemming from the ALEC agenda - and the commercial and "public" media largely ignored it. No coverage, nationally on NPR at all. We've got it here.

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Conscious Voices ODNR caught conspiring against the public

This week documents uncovered by the Sierra Club implicate the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio EPA, and top officials in the Kasich administration of conspiring to discredit grass roots organizations and certain state legislators opposed to fracking in our state parks.

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Conscious Voices Arizona veto, New Mexico radiation leak, Couo attempt in Venezuela

Arizona governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to customers based on a variety of criteria, New Mexico's weapons-grade radioactive waste storage facility leaks, and a look at what's happening now in Venezuela.

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Conscious Voices Stand Your Ground (against HB203)

House Bill 203 is still moving through the legislature, despite having little public support, and being opposed by city councils, police organizations, and citizens. In this edition we have interviews with Ohio ACLU director Gerry Daniels,and Ohio Student Organizing Committee activists James Hayes and Erica Turner, and we have audio, gathered by WCRS volunteer Robb Ebright at a press conference held in Columbus featuring a woman whose son was gunned down in Florida by an assailant who received no penalty for the murder, thanks to Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

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Conscious Voices

This week we have a recent lecture from noted author and activist Arundhati Roy whose latest book, Capitalism, a Ghost Story details the crisis of capitalism in India and globally.

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conscious Voices Jane Goodal, Planting Seeds of Hope

Jane Goodall gave a presentation recently at the All Saints Presbyterian church in Pasadena California one of the most powerful, well- delivered, urgent, yet optimistic speeches about environmental justice you are likely to hear.

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Conscious Voices Climate Change is here

This edition features an interview with Dr. Lonnie Thompson, renowned glaciologist who was among the first scientists to confirm anthropogenic causation (human activity) as one of the principal drivers of climate change today. This is especially timely in light of the state legislature's approval of a bill that guts Ohio's renewable energy mandates and incentives.

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Conscious Voices renewable energy in a post SB310 Ohio


Interview with Mark Shanahan, energy adviser to former governor Ted Strickland

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Conscious Voices Detroiut Water Brigades, Nigerian activist Leo Igwe on the rise of Islamic extremism

Jenny Scheinbach travels to Detroit to bring water and solidarity to residents whose water has been shut off by the appointed city manager, and Nigerian human rights activist Leo Igwe speaks in Columbus on the rise of Islamic extremism

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Conscious Voices A Just Peace in Palestine

On the third weekend in July there was a rally in Columbus which drew an estimated 3,000 people demanding an end to Israel's assault on Gaza and to the occupation. It was one of many such rallies around the world and in the U.S., yet all of those rallies received scant coverage in the Western media. In this edition we have an interview with Reema Al-Waridat, a Palestinian American who organized last week's rally and is co-organizing another, scheduled for Friday, August 1 at 4 pm at Broad and High. We also have 3 reports sourced from Russia Today discussing the current siege and the history behind it. With musical bridges from Ghalia Benali and Rim Bana

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