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Bill Baker of Occupy Manfield talks about fracking

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Bill Baker of Occupy Mansfield protests in Columbus Ohio for moratorium on fracking

Members of Occupy Mansfield choose Bill Baker as a person to send to Columbus for the protest on Jan. 10, regarding the issue of hydraulic fracturing. Baker said some people might be over-reacting in their environmental concerns about fracking. But he said it’s important to seek out the facts about this issue, instead of relying on information from the gas and oil industries. For solid data he recommends the Department of Environmental Conservation of the state of New York.

“I can go there for reference and actually learn about both sides of the issue.”

Baker has been involved with Occupy Mansfield since October, helping them to raise money for a women’s and children’s shelter there as well as support for small businesses. He said the issue of fracking suits the Occupy Movement.

“Corporate America’s frenzy to get rich has snowed us over and pushed this industry on us without really guaranteeing us a safe environment and good jobs.”

As for ‘renewable’ energy, Baker agreed there might be better terms to use given that solar technology requires rare earth materials and involves toxic materials in the manufacturing process. But he also agreed using solar technology may involve a net benefit to the natural (as well as the political) environment.