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Sherrod Brown, John Boehner and Keystone XL plus food sovereignty activist and author Eric Holt-Gimenez

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On February 14 a group of concerned citizens opposing the Keystone XL pipeline visited the Columbus office of Democratic senator Sherrod Brown.

Andrew Sidesinger works with here in Columbus Ohio.

Andrew Sidesinger

“ We delivered 1,800 petitions against Keystone XL. We have more than 20,000 in general from all the partner organizations in Ohio and we just gave him (Sherrod Brown) the message that if we want good, clean energy jobs we have to stop being behind fossil fuels and start being behind clean energy.”

Joining Sidesinger for the visit to Sherrod Brown’s office was Jason Box, a climatologist at the Ohio State University.

Jason Box, Ohio State University climatologist

Box said the tar sands are a pool of carbon as large as that of Saudi Arabia.

“We cannot release this carbon to the atmosphere without locking in additional, dangerous amounts of warming in our climate system.”

Box said now’s the time to have policy that will build a clean energy infrastructure.

“The renewal energy infrastructure that we need can employ millions of Americans in long-term jobs.”

Box said this view is supported by the facts. He said he visited Sherrod Brown’s office to send a clear message against Keystone XL, as a scientist and as a concerned citizen.

Alec Johnson said it would be a smart move for Sherrod Brown to take a stand against Keystone XL.