WCRS Podcast - fightback

Fight Back Jan 21 2011

26:49 minutes (24.56 MB)

Discussion of the death of Vang Pao and how the New York Times ignored the fact he was a major drug dealer, the shootings in Tucson, and other related politics by Bob Fitrakis and Connie Gadell Newton

Fight Back 12.24.10 with Local Artist Malcolm J

28:56 minutes (26.48 MB)

In this episode we interview local street artist Malcolm J. He has received wide recognition for his political drawings and Columbus city scapes.

FIght Back PASS

30:02 minutes (27.5 MB)

Fight Back Gerry Part II Dec 10

29:10 minutes (26.71 MB)

Fight back Dec 3rd Green Party

30:18 minutes (27.74 MB)

Fight Back Nov 26th - Word Social Forum ( from archives )

29:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

Fight Back Nov 19

27:33 minutes (25.22 MB)

fight back Nov 12

29:58 minutes (27.44 MB)

Fight Back November 5 - Post Election Discussion

29:45 minutes (27.24 MB)

Guest Cliff Arnebeck talks about the buying of elections by corporations.

fight back october 29th

29:38 minutes (27.13 MB)
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