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# 310 - The DJBC Italian Halloween Disco Happy Hour

59:05 minutes (54.1 MB)

Tonight on the show, the Short North's two fall events - Highball Halloween and the Columbus Italian Festival are highlighted. Highball Halloween moves up two weeks this year (October 11 & 12), and the Italian Festival is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. Plus, other things happening this weekend.

# 266 - Baldertrump (Or An Urban Scandal)!

59:29 minutes (54.47 MB)

Tonight on the show, a recap of the Special Election in the 12th U.S. Congressional District in Ohio (yeah, that one that stretches from the University District to Mansfield, and from Dublin to Zanesville). Plus, brief updates on the #UrbanScandal and #SaveTheCrew. And upcoming events around town.

- TedX Hilliard (August 15; 5:30PM at Hilliard Bradley High School: 2800 Walker Rd., Hilliard)
- Beyonce & Jay-Z OTR II Tour (August 16; Ohio Stadium: 411 Woody Hayes Drive, Ohio Campus)
- Columbus Food Truck Festival (August 17 & 18; Downtown Riverfront)
- St. Vincent Community Picnic (August 17; 3-6PM at St. Vincent Family Centers: 1490 E. Main St., Franklin Park) (Bus - # 2 or 11)
- CrestFest (August 18; 12-9PM; Crestview and Tulane Roads between East and Calumet Streets, Clintonville (Bus - # 2 or 4)
- African Village Festival (August 18; 11AM-7PM; 1275 Bryden Road, Franklin Park) (Bus - # 2 or 11)
- Near East Side Hop (August 19-26; Near East Side) (Bus - # 2, 7, 10, 11, and/or 22)
- 4th Friday (August 24; State Street between Home and Park Streets, Uptown Westerville)
- Grandview Hop (August 25; Grandview Avenue between 1st and 5th Ave.; Grandview Avenue is closed between First and Third Avenues, Grandview/5th by Northwest) (Bus - # 5)
- Harvest Festival (August 25; Kossuth Street Garden: 641 E. Kossuth St. and Ganthers Garden: 573 E. Whittier St., South Side) (Bus - # 4, 5, or 8P)
- Urban Scrawl XII (August 25 & 26; 400 West Rich, Franklinton) (Bus - # 3, 6, or 9)
- The Big Table (August 29;

Political Corner: October 9, 2016

8:10 minutes (7.49 MB)

# 206 - Love in the Time of Trump

59:13 minutes (54.22 MB)

Tonight on the show, a recap of the Inauguration Weekend, and of course the latest catchphrase "Alternative Facts". Plus, the B*ckeye Men's Basketball team did something that they hadn't in 40 years.

# 198: America, Could We Start Again Please?

59:19 minutes (54.31 MB)

Tonight on the show, the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, and why we should not be so keen on a Trump Presidency, asking the question, "Could We Start Again Please?" How did this happen, and what does it mean for the direction of our country? Plus, a rundown of the local races.

(RECORDED on November 9, 2016; Edited on November 10, 12, and 13, 2016)

"The Morning After" - Maureen McGovern
"Could We Start Again Please?" - Yvonne Elliman & Michael Jason (from Jesus Christ Superstar: Original Broadway Cast)
"Yorktown/The World Turned Upside Down" - Hamilton: Original Broadway Cast
"There's Always Tomorrow" - Janis (?) Orenstein (from "Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer")

Political Corner - September 26, 2016

9:54 minutes (9.08 MB)

On this "LIVE (almost)!" edition of "Political Corner", a preview of the first of the three Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump, plus City Council taken over by protestors.

Political Corner - July 18, 2016

10:20 minutes (9.47 MB)

Political Corner is back, returning after a four-year hiatus.

In this Political Corner:
- Bernie endorses Hillary
- Issue One, and what it means
- Prelude to the GOP Convention

# 170: 2015: The Year That Was (In Headlines)

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Tonight, a look back at some of the headlines from 2015. From the Black Lives Matter movement, to the Paris terrorist attacks, to the Columbus Mayoral Race, to Marriage Equality, headlines were buzzing in the old year. Plus, a preview of the "New Year's Six" Bowl Games and the Citrus Bowl.

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