Bo Davis - GET WEIRD CLASSIC!!!! Episode 27 redux ft. ALL Columbus, OH Music!!! GET WEIRD CLASSIC!!!!!

Cover (front)

Mike Rep and the Quotas - Rocket Music On
Psychedelic Horseshit - Phoney Detectives
White Outs - Stutterer
Tree of Snakes - Lion
New Bomb Turks - Tail Crush
Grave Blankets - Your Injured Ways
The Hairy Patt Band - I'm So Angry, You're Going To Die
The General - I Did It
Gaunt - Kiss Destroyer
Guinea Worms - C.H.U.D.
V3 - Girl In A Room
The Romantic Noise - Dead Flowers (in My Yard)
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Negative Guest List
El Jesus De Magico - Paha Sapa
Deathly Fighter - 14 Year Old Void (gender edit)
Night of Pleasure - Godard vs. Truffaut
Monster Truck 005 - Piece of Work
The Bassholes - John Henry
Cheater Slicks - Erotic Woman