Bob Larson - 03/11/23 Hour 2

I’ll be playing jazz of all styles; hard bop, vocal, fusion, big band, latin, etc. Anything with a jazz influence may be a candidate. I’ve been collecting music all of my adult life and now have the opportunity to share it. Also, there will be a lot of Ohio area artists, past and present. You can catch it live on Saturday and Thursday nights (Thurs. is a repeat) from 8-10PM EST at

Weather Report - Lusitanos - Tale Spinnin’
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia - Native Dancer
Wayne Shorter - Beauty and the Beast - Native Dancer
Wayne Shorter - Endangered Species - Atlantis
Wayne Shorter - Over Shadow Hill Way - Joy Ryder
Wayne Shorter - Children of the Night - High Life
Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter - Aung San Suu Kyi - 1+1
Wayne Shorter Orbits Alegria
Wayne Shorter - Plaza Real - Without a Net