Conscious Voices - Interview with Veteran - 1st half

Here are a few excerpts from part 1 of 2 interview segments WCRS reporter Evan Davis had with a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and who wishes to remain anonymous.

He said the US military is lying to and ignoring the medical problems of troops exposed to depleted uranium.

“The DOD will never acknowledge it. So, you can never get treated for it. One of my friends, when we were in Afghanistan, he got sick from it and started dying. Rather than treat him for depleted uranium exposure, they just gave him chemo which only sped up his passing.”

He said mercenaries working for various companies such as Black Water, which changed its name to Xe and then to Academi, would destabilize areas of Iraq so the military could then go back in to resume fighting, with the apparent ultimate goal of prolonging the conflict in order to make more money for corporations involved.

“Looking back, most of these conflicts could have easily been won over a year, but they were stretched out over ten, just to keep the profits going…They (US officials) are not trying to run an honorable war. They’re trying to maximize corporate profits...The people that run this country, that have created these wars for profit, they’ve stolen my friends from me.”

He said the US government has designated returning veterans as among the greatest threats for domestic terrorism.

“It was a memo signed by Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security passed down to law enforcement agencies…When I saw that I said, ‘why, would they be so paranoid about us?’ It’s because so many of us are figuring out what they did. While I will never say my friends died in vain, at the same time you have to also admit that the people who started these conflicts didn’t have the best intentions.”