CV 20220804 Columbus Teachers and Manchin's Ransom

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As this program aired on WGRN, 94.1 fm on Thursday evening, August 4, the Columbus Education Association the union representing 4500 Columbus teachers voted to send an "intent to strike" resolution to the Columbus Board of Education, which the unions says has refused to bargain in good faith as the August 21 expiration of the teachers' current contract approaches.
I interviewed Regina Fuentes, spokesperson for the CEA.
Also; the deal struck with West Virginia senator Joe Manchin in exchange for his support for the scaled-down version of the Build Back Better bill includes a promise to re-start construction of the Mountain Valley pipeline, which, like the cancelled Keystone XL pipeline would have severe environmental and social impacts. We have a raw-audio documentary, of sorts, from an independent filmmaker who spoke with property owners in the pipeline's path as well as protesters who blocked construction before the pipeline was idled nearly 2 years ago.