pat radio - April 21, 2011

Phone interview with David James of Wolf Ram Heart, plus lots of good music that runs the gamut. Study the play list below for various links to free or low-cost music download options. Links at the bottom of the page will allow you to play or download this entire podcast.

Play List:
The Obviouslies - "caca, culo, pedo, pis" from Pinky Download It! (facebook event link. YMMV)
The Obviouslies - "allergick to you" from Pinky
The Royal Pines - "All Wrong" from Come Forth
Day Creeper - "Dragons" from Blah 7"
Grave Blankets - "Forward" from split 7"
Fey Gods - "Untied" from 7"
Umbrella Men - "Tilt the Shade" from Music for Young Americans Buy It.
Wolf Ram Heart - "Betrayal of Hearts" from Betrayal of Hearts
Wolf Ram Heart - "Humming Doves" from Betrayal of Hearts
Wolf Ram Heart - "Mansions" from Betrayal of Hearts
Supervisor - "Hold on, young lovers" from Hold on, young lovers Free Download
Supervisor - "Chokolat" from Hold on, young lovers
Moon High - "Smoke Before My Eyes" live at Electraplay
Glass Winged Sharpshooters - "Lonesome Valley" from band camp songs
Molehill - "Untitled" from Audiotree Live (bandcamp)
Ryan Jewell - Espouse Elucidation Eschew Obfuscation; Espouse Elucidation