Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 11/10/2011

This was a fantastic show, and remember it's all a joke, people who own decks. We did some good shaming of people who are scared of the world and racist at the same time.

The second half features an interview with Vincent Hildebrandt who runs the Ohio guild of hypnotists. It went really well and Bryan plans on having him back.

We closed out the show with a discussion about an injustice that was put upon Bryan, Tower Heist. It's a sad tale and it happens every day, listen in to hear his story.

The music for this show was provided by Steve OD, and he's one of the DJ's that will be spinning tunes this Saturday November 12th for Intifada Columbus. It's our revolutionary rock and comedy revolution. Come out to Double Happiness in the brewery district around 11pm to party with us.

You can download our exclusive music mixes here.

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We Are Glitterati will be there with a photo booth and Cheesy Truck will be slinging grilled cheese!

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