Street Fight Radio - We don't want voting, crack shaming, or forms coming into our lives

 Welcome to Street Fight. Grab a beer or a bowl and join us while we laugh our way towards global dismantlement of the current governmental systems.

Here’s this weeks topics

People are amped about voting again
Bryan voting
A restaurant can’t serve wine, no dad I want to serve wine
I dont even got the money to fill out the first form to do something I want to in this world

people love buying into politicians
There was a politician flare up

Student council
Helping write a writing a persuasive essay
$300.00 donation to charity

legacy of @dankmtl for best troll

The Strange Boys They’re Opening Up The Death Camps

borders - stone throwing kid got killed
I dont see them in dallas

man in the box
it sucks that the people making money in columbus wears board shorts
the blitz music

rob ford and crack

5 steps to anarchy dot com!!

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