Community Music Jukebox Project

Welcome to the Community Music Jukebox Project

What's It All About?

The CMJ was funded by a grant from the Columbus Community Festival. It was conceived by volunteers from the Peach District, WCRS, and Free Geek Columbus. Our goal was to build digital music jukeboxes, featuring only music by local artists, and place them in community oriented arts and entertainment spaces across Columbus. The jukeboxes play music for free, but users are encouraged to donate 25 cents for every song they add to the play list, with all proceeds going to WCRS community radio.

In addition building jukeboxes, the project has an additional goal of creating a comprehensive database / archive of music from both past and present Columbus bands to be maintained as an artistic artifact for the cultural posterity of our city. Music from this database will then be used to broadcast live over WCRS radio, with official times being allocated by the WCRS programming board.

Thus far we have built two jukeboxes, which are currently housed at 83 Gallery (1038 North High Street) and the Spore Info Shop (172 East Fifth Ave). If you are the representative of a current or historically active Columbus band / music project, and would like to donate your music to the project, it's real easy.

Digital Submission Instructions:

1) Download the Community Music Jukebox Artist Release Form (doc) or (pdf)

2) Create a zipped file containing

a) A signed / scanned PDF of the release form.

b) The music files you'd like to submit (MP3 or WAVE only)

c) The accompanying album art for the music files (JPG only)

3) E-mail the file to, with the name of your project in the Subject Line.

Physical Submission Instructions

1) Download the Community Music Jukebox Artist Release Form (link)

2) In an envelope place

a) A signed coy of the release form.

b) A CD containing the music files you'd like to submit.

3) Place the envelope in the Community Music Drop Box, located at Mikey's Late Night Slice (1038 North High Street), with the name of your project written on the outside of the envelope.

Otherwise, please e-mail all further questions to

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