Worthington school officials feel the heat: some community members oppose the teaching of global warming science

“Over the past few months, a group of community members and parents have been writing letters, appearing at school board meetings, urging the school board to stop the teaching of global warming and climate change, because they say it’s all a hoax, it’s all just a myth…I’ve been told that this has been going on throughout the country.

“At the very low level--the grass roots level-- parents and community members are taking this on.  I’ve talked to a couple of these people after board meetings,  and they’ve said they’ve learned this from Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and that Sarah Palin agrees that it’s all a myth.  (They say) a bunch of forged telegrams and emails out of England have proved that it’s all a myth and a hoax.” --- Charlie Wilson,  Worthington City Schools board member