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  • Saturday 4-5pm
  • Sunday 4-5pm
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Danjir radio is the new voice for the East African community in central Ohio . The name “Danjir” means looking after the community’s interest and that’s what the radio’s mission is. The locally produced Danjir radio programs are primarily focused on health education, nutrition, culture, entertainment and art. It also covers the latest local and international news information around the world.

 Danjir radio is the only African radio of its kind and part of the community awareness projects that Danjir Media Center provides. DMC is an independent local media service that has been serving the East African community in central Ohio since it was founded in 2004.

The radio programs air at 4:00pm every Saturday and Sunday

 For more info go to DanjirNews.org


Danjir Radio - Danjir radio Codka Bulshada Ohio

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