Judy Bonds on the economics of ending mountain top removal (Part 2 of 2)

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The Beat Oracle - 02/18/2010

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Pamoja FM February 17th 2010

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ft. Jesse Matador - Mini Kawoule

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Connecting School and Community through Capstone Projects

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Today’s show highlights the work of one student who worked with the local police department to create a film for his capstone project. He discusses the merits of engaging in community service and what the experience taught him. Trend Watch covers the annoying advertisement scams found on online and how to find the authentic research projects where you can cash in for rewards. Listen to This features the Haitian-American hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean.

The future of coal and miner-activist relations: A talk with Judy Bonds

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Music by Jake Wildwood


You are able to hear my voice right now because of electricity. Electricity that powered my computer and the voice recorder. As you hear this, electricity powers the computer in our studio that operates our radio programming. Most of that electricity comes from burning coal, especially in this part of the country. Some of that coal comes from a mining practice leads to people in Appalachia breathing silica dust into their lungs and ingesting selenium and arsenic as they drink the water in their communities.

It is my hope that this program is at least a small part of more people getting involved with finding better ways to get our electricity.




Welcome to the Feb 12, 2010 edition of Conscious Voices. I am Tom Over. This program has been made possible with funding help from the Puffin Foundation and from you.

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If you search the internet for information about mountain top removal mining, you'll find that people too numerous to count have, during the past few years, sat in jail cells, chained themselves to mining machinery, staged tree-sits, marched, rallied, and otherwise have worked to put an end to this form of strip of mining that is not only contaminating the air, land , and water in Appalachia, but also deforming its landscapes.


Larry Kensington - Nightmix 02-12-10 Part One

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For more than 40 years, Rod Stewart has been using his trademark raspy voice to cover everything from hard rock to folk-influenced pop to the Great American Songbook. This hour features two of his most successful tunes from the early portion of his solo career. There's Bach to go along with that rock, as French pianist Helene Grimaud covers two of the Baroque master's well-known themes. Add to that some West Coast jazz, some Celtic fiddling, and two tunes from South America, and you've got enough variety to keep the hour fairly interesting. Enjoy!

Larry Kensington - Nightmix 02-12-10 Part Two

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The best singers, whether they perform in the opera house or the neighborhood bar, always place their gifts in the service of the music they sing. One of the best at doing  that is Broadway, pop, and jazz singer Maureen McGovern, who in this hour will deliver two textbook examples of how a singer is really a songwriter's messenger. You'll also hear some gorgeous classical music for string orchestra, an Eastern European jazz bassist who plays with great soul and abandon, and a couple of pop hits of the 1960s.

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The Beat Oracle - 02/11/2010

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