Pamoja FM July 27, 2011

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various tracks ft the first song by DJ Kedjevara - Les Hommes d'Actualite 2011 . enjoy

Fight Back July 26, 2011 - Secular Students

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August Brunsman and Jesse Galef talk about the Secular Students group, the atheist billboards and Day of Reason.

The DJBC Happy Hour- Deck the Halls, It's Christmas in July!

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Tonight, it is Christmas in July. Christmas songs are played, a few poems are read, and BC briefly discusses Columbus holiday July! Yes, it's Christmas in July. Bring out the tree, the egg n-- (oh, wait), the carols, the ugly sweater, and those Christmas cartoons, because it's Christmas in July on an all-new DJBC Happy Hour.

Mistletoe- Walter De La Mare
Merry Christmas, Everywhere- Anon
Christmas 1863/I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

DJBC Happy Hour- August 1 Promo (expires @ 7:59pm- 8/1/11)

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Promo for DJBC Happy Hour August 1, 2011 show

The fight against Ohio's Senate Bill 5 Continues

Bob Fitrakis interviews Bruce Bostick, labor organizer, on the battle against SB5

“We’ve turned in 1.3 million signatures which was a record number-400,000 more than had ever been turned in before, but right now we got to win this thing…on a ballot,” said Bostick.

Has Ohio or the US seen a labor battle this big in recent history ?
Fight Back

Grow Up! Views on growing an group, growing a garden, and growing up in America - July 25, 2011

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Chandler Wilson, a student in the Columbus Medical Association Foundation's Youth Advisory Council (YAC), talks about why using social media and other digital tools is important and helpful for philanthropy groups seeking advocates and donors. Then, host Anna Siriano sits down with April Calkovsky, the leader of the NECKO community garden, which was built for a community of people with disabilities, as well as their neighbors. Later, she also talks to Britany Hoeffer, leader of the Summit community garden, and two boys who have been helping at the garden for a couple of years. In the final segment, Youth Beat reporter Bridgette Kreuz talks to Brenda, an OSU student, to find out what kind of difficulties she and her family have faced as Mexican-Americans.

Columbus Music Co-op PSA - Expires July 30th

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The Beat Oracle - 07/23/2011

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Los Alegres De Teran - Ramiro Y Miguel

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Civially Engaged original air date 7-22-11

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