Cranksters - Episode 7- Best of Cranksters 1-6

57:14 minutes (104.8 MB)

Cranksters - Episode 6- Cycling Resources in Columbus

52:55 minutes (48.45 MB)

Cranksters - Episode 5- Cycling in Other Cities

53:31 minutes (49 MB)

Cranksters - Episode 4 - Cycling's Influence on Fashion

55:51 minutes (51.13 MB)

Zach and guests Trenton and Heidi from Octopus Caps, Ryan Heflin from Bindle, and Dan McKewan of Seagulls bags talk about how cycling has influenced fashion and clothing over the years and into the future. News from Austin Kocher.

Cranksters - Episode 3 Style Bikes!

58:32 minutes (53.6 MB)

Zach and guests talk about stylized bikes including Tim Murray, Mike Pham, Mike Murtha, Mike Cash and Jessica Burns tells us about cycling in Ithica, NY. Austin Kocher with news.

WCRS - Musicologie, January 3, 2009

88:20 minutes (161.76 MB)

WCRS - Jim Maneri Show, January 4, 2009

122:03 minutes (111.75 MB)

WCRS - Somali Program by Luuliyo Media

92:04 minutes (84.3 MB)

WCRS - test of ripping stream

8:19 minutes (7.62 MB)

This is a test of rip radio.

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