Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-290 (original air date 9/30/11)

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-289 (original air date 9/29/11)

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-288 (original air date 9/23/11)

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Turn It Up 2020-07-12

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Icy J - Progressive Grind (Sonic Hip Hop Soul XI)

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Just another one of those soulful eclectic ‘tho backs’ designed for the open mind… And something for yo behind. Peep: Alkaline - More Than Happy (Raw) →→ TLC – Baby, Baby, Baby (Instrumental) Remix →→ Buju Banton - Champion (Remix) →→ Trey Songz - Slow Motion →→ denitia and sene. - the fan. →→ Anthony White - Ready to Go →→ Emilio Rojas - Imagine That (ft. DeVo D.) →→ Jah Vinci - Nah Go Suffer Too Long [Run In Riddim] → → Pia Mia - Do It Again (Feat. Chris Brown & Tyga) →→ MURS - No More Control (feat. MNDR) →→ Audio Push - Bonfire (Feat. G-Eazy) →→ Chelsea Reject - 47 (feat. Kirk Knight & T'Nah Apex) →→ Bad Lucc - Go [Feat. Problem] →→ J. Cole - Wet Dreamz →→ Blitz The Ambassador - JuJu Girl → Kabaka Pyramid - Change This World [Sounds Of The Heart Riddim] →→ Charles Hamilton - New York Raining (ft. Rita Ora) →→ Siimba Liives Long - The Fammo Cypher (feat Najee The 1, Madison-LST & Nick Lotto) □□
Increase The PEACE!
Icy J “Makes Your Day!”

# 343 - 1972: Music and Headlines

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**Under Construction**

- Terrorists Hijack the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, killing 11 Israeli Athletes.
- Five people are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. (AKA - The Beginning of the End for both President Nixon and the Republican Party)
- Mustachioed Speedo Wearing Swimmer Mark Spitz swims to heights at the Summer Olympics, winning a then-record Seven Gold Medals.
- President Nixon visits Russia and China.
- The Last TWO Moon Missions (Apollo 16 & Apollo 17) Take Place. NASA also announces the Space Shuttle Program.
- Idi Amin takes over Uganda.
- The last ground troops leave Vietnam.
- Sapporo, Japan hosts the Winter Olympics, 32 years after it was originally supposed to Host.

COLUMBUS in 1972:
- The First Community Festival (Comfest) takes place at 16th and Waldeck Avenues near the OSU Campus.
- Tom Moody takes office as Mayor of Columbus on January 1, beginning 28 straight years of Republican Leadership in the City of Columbus (the first 12 were by Moody).
- Archie Mason Griffin, a freshman fullback from Eastmoor High School in Columbus shatters records (which have since been shattered, sans the Heisman one) for Ohio State, in the first year that the NCAA allows Freshmen to compete.
- The OHSAA High School Football Playoffs are held for the first time. The Eagles from Bishop Watterson are Class AA Runners-Up in Football.
- Bishop Ready wins the Class AA Boys Basketball Championship.

NCAA Basketball - UCLA Bruins (6th Straight)
College Football - University of Southern California Trojans
Big Ten Football - The Ohio B*ckeyes
Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys
NFL (1972 Season) - The Team of Perfection, the Miami Dolphins
NBA - Los Angeles Lakers (first Title in Los Angeles; Lakers also won a record 33 straight games that season)
Stanley Cup - Boston Bruins
World Series - Oakland Athletics

Sock Hop Radio WCRS - 07-10-2020

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Morning Meditation

Who are you? Can you describe who you are without using a job title, education level, physical appearance? Who are you at the core? Can you put words to it? Why is it that other people can describe what THEY think of you, but it's so difficult for you to say who you are? After all, who spends more time with you than.. well YOU? This meditation will help you be more intentional about how you show up. Create the YOU that you have always wanted to be, or you will just become the stores others tell of you.

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Turn It Up 2020-07-11

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