SharkWeek! - WCRS Fundraiser Part 1

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Harvey Wasserman - Fight Back April 2nd, 2010, People vs Bush

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The Beat Oracle - 04/01/2010 (radio edit)

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Pamoja FM March 31st 2010

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Deejay Wolf presents Zambian RnB. Recorded 3 weeks ago.

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Child Abuse: The Silent Epidemic

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Youth Beat features contributor Miles Price about work he is doing on a film to raise awareness of the silent epidemic of child abuse. He discusses why he has chosen to use film and what he hopes to accomplish, particularly dispelling stereotypes of who is affected. All but one of the cast members are high school students.

Larry Kensington - Nightmix 04-02-10

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Featured artists on this week's program include the Twelve Girls Band from China, British folk singer/songwriter/guitarist Martin Simpson, and jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis (playing French classical music).

Harvey Wasserman - Fight Back

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Protest in Washington D.C. against the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

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Before the march, at a rally in Lafayette Park, which is located directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, one protestor, Paul D. Morosky from Uncasville, Connecticut carried a sign that read: “ End These Racist Wars.”

“The wars probably were assisted in their creation because of the use of racial issues. It goes far deeper than that. The wars themselves are being fought against people who we are referring to as 'haji's', 'towel-heads,' and 'sand niggers.' These are all racial slurs that help to demean the 'other side' and allow our troops and Americans in general to look down upon people of the Middle East. This also is seen right here in America.

“Not only that but when you think about the poverty draft that we have going on in this country, because basically there are no jobs, you see this too as a level of racism. These kids are getting out of school and they got nothing else to do with no ability to obtain higher education. So they sign up for the military as it looks like a great way to move ahead, and get an education. They are not truly made aware of the intended use of them as killing machines. They're being used as cannon fodder for these wars.”

Pamoja FM March 24th 2010

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ft. Fatou Guewel - Jigeen Ni

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