Are Asians the Model Minority?

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Have you ever assumed that all Asians are good at math or are doctors? If so, tune in to learn more about the unique issues that numerous Asian and Asian Americans face in Central Ohio. Asian American Community Services (AACS) is a local non-profit that works to empower the local Asian community and to eliminate the gap between Asians and American society. AACS provides a range of services including a health clinic, ESL classes, traffic safety, domestic violence services, parenting classes, support groups, career development, and youth mentoring and tutoring. They provide translation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week! They also conduct cultural competency trainings for local hospitals, law officials, and community agencies to inform professionals on local resources to help them work with Asians in a positive, respectful and understanding manner. "Green Chucks" talks with Jason Shum, Pyowook Han, and Tina Ocampo about the type of services that AACS offers, why AACS is necessary, and the unique issues that Asians face in Central Ohio.

 *Important: The introductory interviews (except the interview excerpt about Asian students at the Ohio State University) in this show are property of, taken and produced by Asia Society, an international non-profit organization that educates Americans about Asia and fosters understanding between Americans and individuals of Asia and of Asian descent. . The interviews were taken from Asia Society's youtube video: "Asians Rock" - What's Your Story?;


For-Profit Company Doing Non-Profit Work!

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Worthington school officials feel the heat: some community members oppose the teaching of global warming science

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“Over the past few months, a group of community members and parents have been writing letters, appearing at school board meetings, urging the school board to stop the teaching of global warming and climate change, because they say it’s all a hoax, it’s all just a myth…I’ve been told that this has been going on throughout the country.

“At the very low level--the grass roots level-- parents and community members are taking this on.  I’ve talked to a couple of these people after board meetings,  and they’ve said they’ve learned this from Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and that Sarah Palin agrees that it’s all a myth.  (They say) a bunch of forged telegrams and emails out of England have proved that it’s all a myth and a hoax.” --- Charlie Wilson,  Worthington City Schools board member


How Best To Love My Fellow Sentient Beings ?

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Our Lives

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Feel Good Today

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Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman live on WCRS with Robb Ebright, Tom Over, Josh Paulson, and Joey Pigg

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Gov. Ted Strickland on the upcoming gubernatorial election: the future of Ohio and America is at stake

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Brunner is the 'enfranchiser', says Deborah Steele, outreach director for the Jennifer Brunner Committee

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The Beat Oracle - 03/11/2010 (radio edit)

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