Recorded Events

Photos: Eugene Beer

Feb 15 , 2008: Michelle Obama speaks at OSU. She describes how the "bar" for most Americans to live a fullfilling, healthy life is moving farther and farther ahead, out of reach. She speaks of Barack's humble beginnings working as a constitutional lawyer and his involvement in the rough field of Chicago politics with his push for ethics reform. Her talk is heartwarming, inspiring, and very down-to-earth. Afterwards, she signs autographs, chats with people in the reception line, and gives plenty of hugs.

Listen / Download - Michelle Obama at OSU (49 minutes)


January 29, 2008 This special presentation produced by WCRS and Zach Henkel features audio clips from the Tuesday January 29th 2012 Bicentennial Citizen Summit at the Columbus Convention Center. Clips include speeches and words from Mayor Mike Coleman, keynote speaker and author James Surowiecki, and select Question and Answer segments from the Citizen Summit. This feature also includes commentary on The Citizen Summit by Columbusites Walker Evan of an on-line forum community for Central Ohio, and Kyle Ezell of Get Urban America LTD, a consultancy for municipalities and developers of urban spaces. Hosted and produced by Zach Henkel and recorded by Eugene Beer.

Listen / Download - Columbus' 2012 Bicentennial Citizen Summit (1 hour, 19 minutes)

Jan. 27, 2008: Jeff Cohen, Founder of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), and Scott Ritter, US Marine and former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, speak at the IBEW Union Hall. Jeff describes the failure of our media to present balanced viewpoints in the runup to the Iraq war and how the media is setting itself up to "get fooled again" regarding Iran. Scott talks about administration lies and the subversion of our constitution. This Jan. 27 event was funded in part by the Puffin Foundation.

Listen / Download - Jeff Cohen Talk (25 minutes)

Listen / Download - Scott Ritter Talk (28 minutes)

Listen / Download - Scott Ritter Q&A (69 minutes)

Nov, 2007: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at Kenyon College. His talk is divided into two sections: The importance of independent media in a democracy, and how good stewardship of the environment and a healthy democracy go hand-in-hand. Further, he describes how the Bush Adm. has gutted over 400 environmental laws and regulations, often "re-defining" the wording of the regulations to soften the impact on polluters.

Listen / Download - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Media Segment (20 minutes)

Listen / Download - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Environment Segment (58 minutes)

Mar. 10, 2006: Malalai Joya, outspoken Afghani parliament member speaks on women's rights and democracy. Malalai presented this talk at the OSU Mershon Center in Columbus as she began a 2 week tour of U.S. cities. Her compassion and selfless dedication to the cause of human rights in Afghanistan made for a very moving exchange.

Listen / Download - Malalai Joya (55 minutes)

Fall, 2006-WCRS producer Evan Davis travels the country to obtain relevant interviews in the matter of election reform: 9/06: A look at the state of voting rights in Ohio in light of new evidence of election fraud and new legislation affecting voters. This was produced for Pacifica's Sprouts program and features an nterview with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Listen / Download - Cynthia McKinney Interview, by Evan Davis (29 minutes)