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Fight Back Jan 21 2011

26:49 minutes (24.56 MB)

Discussion of the death of Vang Pao and how the New York Times ignored the fact he was a major drug dealer, the shootings in Tucson, and other related politics by Bob Fitrakis and Connie Gadell Newton

Fight Back Sept. 13, 2011 - Bob and Connie discuss 9/11

29:39 minutes (36.7 MB)

Bob Fitrakis and Connie Gadell-Newton discuss the media coverage of 9/11 and the subsequent Patriot Act, illegal wars, and destruction of the U.S. economy

Fight Back January 20, 2012

29:59 minutes (27.45 MB)

Bob Fitrakis & Connie Gadell Newton talk about Citizens United since Jan 20 is the anniversary of its signing into law. They discuss the history of corporate personhood and the Occupy the Courts movement.