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Loose - Episode 3 - 12.27.2018

Tonight we'll hear songs from some of my favorite releases of 2018, and in light of many folks celebrating the birth of Christ a couple days back, we'll hear The Plastic People of the Universe's 1978 live performance of The Passion Play, or the death of Jesus Christ.

2:02:15 minutes (279.8 MB)

Loose - Episode 004

On this episode of Loose we explore new wave and punk from the German Democratic Republic.

59:59 minutes (137.3 MB)

Loose - Episode 5

"Hail to the Psychonauts" - Egor Letov, 2007 Deep sonic excursions through the global psychedelic underground.

3:00:04 minutes (412.14 MB)

Episode 7 - 2.7.19

Midwest and Eastern European post-punk into Soviet disco dubs. All vinyl. Broadcast live from the East Side. Get loose!

2:04:55 minutes (285.92 MB)