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Sharon at Broad and High 7-12-11---Tom Over

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"I things I care about are public education in Columbus and in the United States and gun control. I'm very concerned about the amount of guns that are on the streets and in the hands of children who, of course, don't know what to do with them...We're wiping out an entire generation of young guys w/ these guns on the street."

"It seems like every day I read the newspaper and there's another report of teenagers or very young people who had their entire lives ahead of them (being) the victim of drive-by shootings or revenge shootings of some kind. You read about people who are in their homes, in their beds, or just relaxing and minding their own business, and they're shot--- thru a wall or thru a window."

Sharon said she thinks this will get worse before it gets better.
"There is no powerful force opposing gun ownership, but there is a very powerful force supporting it."

She's currently not working w/ other people in her community on this issue but she has done it.

"Somewhere in my heart I've probably given up on it because I've been fighting about 40 yrs. But it's something I should really explore. I should be very active about it."