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Handling Holiday Stress and Final Exam Mania

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The holiday rush is here! Hear tips for handling holiday and final exam stress. Also learn about some winter concerts.

The New Year Recycles Old Trends

26:44 minutes (36.72 MB)

On this show Lena talks with a local student about his school project to bring awareness to the silent epidemic: child abuse. Trend Watch covers New Year resolutions, and Listen to This focuses on a new and upcoming Hip Hop artist. Tune in to hear how youth are making a difference!

Connecting School and Community through Capstone Projects

27:00 minutes (37.09 MB)

Today’s show highlights the work of one student who worked with the local police department to create a film for his capstone project. He discusses the merits of engaging in community service and what the experience taught him. Trend Watch covers the annoying advertisement scams found on online and how to find the authentic research projects where you can cash in for rewards. Listen to This features the Haitian-American hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean.

Kenya in a Week

27:17 minutes (37.49 MB)

This week’s show features a moving story from a local student about his capstone work with an orphanage in Kenya. The children and teens have lost parents due to AIDS. He came back with a changed view of the world and a greater appreciation of the basics of life—food, education, family, and home.

Child Abuse: The Silent Epidemic

26:56 minutes (37 MB)

Youth Beat features contributor Miles Price about work he is doing on a film to raise awareness of the silent epidemic of child abuse. He discusses why he has chosen to use film and what he hopes to accomplish, particularly dispelling stereotypes of who is affected. All but one of the cast members are high school students.

Underage Drinking: Why Do Youth Do it and What are the Risks

26:20 minutes (36.16 MB)

On this week’s show Youth Beat talks about underage drinking and teen pressures. We also learn about the importance of recycling electronic waste. Trend Watch discusses electronic devices, and Listen to This features bluegrass music.