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Street Fight Radio - 10 3 2013 The first show in the post-america world

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Welcome, you are now tuned in to the greatest no gods and no masters side splitting Anarcho-comedy radio show, Street Fight. Every week at 8pm Brett and Bryan whip up a whirlwind of laughter powerful enough to dismantle the entire global governmental system.

The DEA can go after you and alter your entire life

Breaking Bad - neo nazis actually have a very fucked up system of honor in their own minds

Ensure is going to return and overtake your life

Energy drinks are really terrible

@rabelazy suggested Furiosos for the name of fast and furious fans

The song was The Stooges - Gimme Danger

NPR mentions that the library of Congress and the state parks website will close

Atlantic Wire “Obama: GOP Shut Down the Government, but Obamacare is 'Open for Business'” by Phil Bump
“the president reminded his audience that a bigger fight was looming: the need to raise the debt ceiling by October 17. That vote wouldn't raise the debt itself, as we've noted in the past — it simply allows the government to borrow money to pay off its existing debts.”

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

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