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Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 2/2/2012

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Hey! Thanks for coming back, or welcome if this is your first time. We started the show with some serious discussions that eventually went into super bowl talk. Not our usual thing but I think you'll like our spin.

We played Thee Oh Sees - Ruby Go Home at the break.

The second half was dedicated to Brett's moment of weakness. He bought a TV, and it's a big one. Bryan did the right thing and treated him like garbage. It's tax time so I know you guys are going to be making some bad money moves. Give us a call at 209-MRR-SHOW and leave us a description. We'll give you the proper trial by fire and then you can walk away knowing your conscious has been cleansed and you have payed the proper price.

If you're interested in the twitter users Bryan Mentioned here are the links.

OLA - Anti-Social Media

Lauren Riot

We closed the show with Dont know, dont care by Nobunny

As always remember that we do this out of the kindness of our own hate so please let a friend know about us when they're complaining how much they hate the radio or they want something cool to listen to.