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Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 5/24/2012

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Amazing show this week as usual. We started off with a conversation about a new hero in the Street Fight hall of fame named Ryan Kitner. Who decided to tell the police he has the right to tell the rest of us when they're ticketing people and he won!! So take some time this weekend to prevent the cops from writing tickets by flashing your lights at oncoming traffic.

We had an incredible guest this week. If you follow Street Fight closely you know that the people we interview don't always agree with us and this was no different. Bryan had to kick him out after he proposed an entire school be held back a grade in order to punish the principle. Really weird dude.

Thanks for tuning in every week; we really appreciate it. We're working on making this thing huge and you can help. Just share with a friend. Tell 'em about it and what we're doing. Let you Facebook family know, hit up your twitter with the word about the new kings of political comedy.

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