Audio by title 5_30_2013_a_riveting_discussion_of_thievery_leads_to_laws_we_don_t_want_in_anarchy_city

Street Fight Radio - 5 30 2013 A riveting discussion of thievery leads to laws we don't want in anarchy city

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This week we had a hearty discussion about theft that began with an explanantion of the training that Brett received as a kid and led to how these skills can be used at work or the grocery store, there's always a place to find some extra money you deserve.

The second half was about the popular website AIRBNB being outlawed in New York City. If you don't know the site it's a way to find rooms available in a city you want to visit, and rent them. The government thinks they know better than you do where you should sleep. Which then led us to talk about the drug czar, and what exactly his drug doing credentials are to tell me that the drugs we do aren't safe, even though we're not dead.

Thank you to Nordiq for the amazing theme song.

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