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Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 6/28/2012

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This was another top notch edition of Street Fight!

The beginning followed a web of injustice that started from instant replays in football and led all the way to Doctors being afraid to prescribe medication. It was a real whirlwind but that's what you should expect from us.

The second half of our show was actually corrupted by a bad deal we made with a guy name Fantastic Terry. He's the owner of Fantastic Terrys fantasy excursions unlimited and they run an operation the likes of which we have never heard of. Who know if it's even legal or not.

We closed the show talking about some of our haters and the way discussions occur online these days. We decided that we'll let our haters be our motivators.

Hi haters! Glad to see you're back.

Music this week was provided by King Tuff so if you liked it look him up because he is on tour right now (unfortunately nothing in Columbus).

Next weeks show is going to be sponsored by the city of Toledo!

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