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Street Fight on WCRS - 8 9 2012 LIBOR!!, Interview with Andy Feldman, and Stopping the Copping.

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Alright, so we missed last week. Brett lost the file while editing or so he thought. Before recording yesterday it was found so we'll have a bonus for you this weekend. Maybe we'll release the original interview.

So we started the show some voting discussion and Brett still hasn't found his candidate. Bryan thought that Mitt Romney's unwillingness to barf on a foreign delegate really demonstrates the dumbing down of the Republican party.

We talked LIBOR a lot. It seemed that as we released more LIBOR info more LIBOR information poured in.

We also want to find a new name for Columbus. At least one we can use on the show. If you don't vote or submit a better option we're going to be forced to go with Killumbus. Here's what we have right now.

"Columbitch" submitted by @yourdouchewhen
"Columbutts" submitted by @NateGri
"Arawak City" submitted by @mrfaulty
"The Bronx" submitted by @Nixcomics
"Nationwide presents: Columbus" submitted by SteveOD of The Fury on WCRS

The second half of the show was mostly an interview with Andy Feldman from the Committee For Safety and Trust. He wants to remove the reverse gear from all cars, have government workers spank jaywalkers, and he wants to introduce a stop and frisk law in Columbus. Needless to say he isn't our most favorite guest we've had but he was wiling to come in and do an interview. We do really want to hear other sides of things.

We closed the show talking about cops. We don't hate every single one of them but we do have to discuss what we want their function in society is because right now I don't want them to be doing 90% of what they do on a daily basis.

Get at us, we wanna hang and talk with all y'all. If you enjoyed this show please spread the word!!