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Activist calls for nonviolent resistance

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9 Tails Occupy Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to talk with this person who goes by name of 9 Tails because I was impressed by his efforts to calm down a fellow activist as Columbus Police made arrests in the lobby of US Bank on Nov 15.

During the arrests which protestors say happened without any prior warning from bank security guards or police, 9 Tails repeatedly said in a booming voice "do not resist" as one of the protestors began shouting to police after they grabbed his girlfriend.

I spoke with 9 Tails shortly after he and six others were released from jail several hours after being held on charges of 4th degree misdemeanor trespassing.

"The reason I had said what I had said (to not resist arrest) is that we need to stay peaceful, no matter what the cause is. What I saw in Oakland sickened me. As long as we keep to a more peaceful manner, we maintain the ability to get our message out."

He said resisting arrest can result in police and judges placing more serious charges against activists, making it harder for them to go about their work by increasing the amount of money for bail, and the amount of time in jail and off the streets.

According to Bob Hart, an attorney who had been working with Occupy Columbus, more serious charges could involve restraining orders curbing activists participation in events.

9 Tails said violence only begets more violence.

"People get scared. Now, some might get riled up, but if you can show the same kind of power without raising a hand, that's a far bigger statement and far stronger. Ghandi did it."