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Michael Edmiston at Broad and High 7-12-11

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"The work I'm out here doing today is environmental work. That's what I care about...I think most people don't realize we're a part of the rest of the world. I think that people think they're separate from everything else--from other people, from the universe, from the trees and the animals---when in fact we're all connected. The things we do to the other residents of the Earth affect us and the people we care about."

Edmiston was at Broad and High collecting signatures to pressure American Electric Power to comply w/ the Clean Air Act.

"They're trying to extend the deadline by which they have to reduce their emissions. At the moment, it's 2015. They're trying to extend it all the way to 2020. But there's no guarantee that when we get to 2020 they won't just try to extend it another 5 years."

Edmiston said Progress Ohio is running the petition drive w/ funding from the Environmental Defense Fund.

He said even though the EDF is large, it doesn't have nearly as much money as AEP.