Audio by title steal_from_work_until_you_make_livable_wage

Street Fight Radio - Steal From Work Until You Make A Living Wage

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We can get all of our troops home if we just get them lottery tickets

We offer advice on not paying your bills

Health insurance can ruin your life

AAA Drug Testing Co is the only drug testing company that is guaranteed to never test your piss

If you're not getting paid enough try stealing from work

Doo Wop Singing

Smoking Weed And Listening To Rush Limbaugh

We Comment On Kim Kardashian & Too Many Cooks for @tell_a_van

We talk a walk on the Thanksgiving battlefield to look at the damage

This weeks song was brought to you by @MurderBryan

Del Shannon - Runaway

The closing song was brought to you by @brettpain

King Sunny Ade - Ma Jaiye Oni