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Television Themes from the 1980s

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Tonight on the show, Television Theme Songs from the 1980s is the focus of tonight's show, as these themes are played.

The Greatest American Hero (ABC, 1981-1983)
St. Elsewhere (NBC, 1982-1988)
Hill Street Blues (NBC, 1981-1987)
The Young and the Restless (CBS, 1973-)
Guiding Light (CBS, 1952-2009; 1983-90 theme song)
All My Children (ABC, 1970-2011; 1970-89 theme song)
General Hospital (ABC, 1963-; 1976-93 theme song)
Cheers (NBC, 1982-1993)
The Jeffersons (CBS, 1975-1985)
Trapper John M.D. (CBS, 1979-1986)
Moonlighting (ABC, 1985-1989)
Family Ties (NBC, 1982-1989)
The Cosby Show (NBC, 1984-1992; Bobby McFerrin arrangement from 4th Season)
The Golden Girls (NBC, 1985-1992)
Magnum P.I. (CBS, 1980-1988)
The Smurfs (NBC, 1981-1990)
Pee Wee's Playhouse (CBS, 1986-1991)
Miami Vice (NBC, 1984-1989)
The Lawrence Welk Show (ABC, 1955-1971; Syndicated 1971-1982, closing theme from 1971-82)