WCRS Podcast - consciousvoices

CV 20240718 Heather Cox Richardson on Agenda 47

59:49 minutes (42.04 MB)

CV 20240711 Richard Wolfe on te Collapse of American Empire

an hour-long interview with professor Richard Wolfe on the political and economic decline of the US

59:55 minutes (37.56 MB)

cv 20240704 Plan 2025

an analysis of the Heritage Foundation's blueprint for an American fascist epoch

59:57 minutes (43.36 MB)

CV 20240627 Debate; Is Anti-Zionism Anti-semitism pt 2

59:12 minutes (41 MB)

CV 20240620 debaste; Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism

a 4-way debate on the question featuring Medhi Hassan, Gideon Levy, Douglas Murray and Natasha Hausdorff

59:57 minutes (42.02 MB)

CV 20240606 Israel, the Rogue State

A clip from a CNN interview with a former IDF commander speaking about the indoctrination of Israelis to support the occupation, then a talk by Institute for Policy Studies director Phyllis Bennis on the global movement against apartheid, and an Al Jazeera English interview with Israeli journalist Guideon Levy.

59:53 minutes (39.74 MB)

CV 20240523 Angela Davis on apartheid and BDS

A lecture from 2020 on the necessity and breadth of the anti-apartheid movement with regard to Israel, and the broader implications of the Palestinian solidarity movement.

59:57 minutes (41.28 MB)

CV 20240509 Edward Said on Orientalism

59:56 minutes (44.43 MB)

CV 20240509 Edward Said on Orientalism

An interview with author and historian Edward Said on the stereotyping of Arabs and Asians and its effect on colonialism.

59:56 minutes (44.43 MB)

CV 20240502 Palestine Solidarity on Campuses

Audio/interviews from the May 1 Palestine solidarity rally at Ohio State University, plus an excerpt from an Intercept interview with author and historian Judith Butler on the distinction between anti-zionism and anti-semitism.

1:00:00 minutes (46.35 MB)
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