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CV 20220303 More on Ukraine

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Professor John Mersheimer explains the US role in creating the Russia/Ukraine conflict

CV 20220224 Ukraine

58:54 minutes (26.96 MB)

Several perspectives on the Russia/Ukraine conflict that the Western media is largely omitting

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Conscious Voices 220210 Morgan Harper debates Josh Mandel

59:44 minutes (27.35 MB)

Ohio Democratic Senatorial hopeful Morgan Harper debates Republican rival Josh Mandel

CV 220114 Democracy in Peril update

59:30 minutes (27.24 MB)

repeat of previous week's show featuring a 538.org panel discussion on the state of American democracy, but with an update at the beginning featuring Morgan Harper's rebuttal to AZ senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Your Music 211221 Lindsay Cooper

1:59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

Jazz bassoonist Lindsay Cooper in both live and studio-recorded performances.

Conscious Voices 220106 Democracy In Peril

1:00:00 minutes (27.47 MB)

538.org panel discussion on the state of American democracy going in to 2022

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Conscious Voices 211202 Honduras!

59:25 minutes (27.2 MB)

The US-backed right-wing Honduran regime that was supported and sanctioned by the Obama administration during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has been ousted in a landslide election, giving the presidency to a progressive female politician who ran on a platform of political, social, and economic reforms and a promise to crack down on corruption and the drug trade. But the new administration will stall face escalating challenges resulting from climate change.
2 reports, one from the independent radio program Making Contact , hosted by Monica Lopez, and another from Al Jazeera offer a deeper look.

Consious Voices 211125 Thanksgiving edition

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

A Thanksgiving special produced by the Pacifica archives featuring First Nations activists including Charlene Teeters and John Trudel speaking about the American Indian movement occupation of Alcatraz, the Wounded Knee massacre, the Pine Ridge stand-off and racist mascot imagery.

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